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Dupe Rumors

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Hi all,

We've recently received information that a video has leaked proving duping is possible in Eden Eternal. This is not something that can be done so easily and we can assure everyone that we have taken the necessary precautions on avoiding such issues in the future, as well as monitoring player activity.

May I also remind everyone, this video is very very old. No duping has been done on Classic I can assure everyone that. Yes some has happened on Awaken over the years but we've squashed that. Due to new monitoring methods we've installed into our systems we can assure everyone if this was to happen we would find and delete the players/items involved without any hesitation.

Can I ask everyone to please stop wasting our time with assumed reports of duping. We are on top of this and are monitoring closely. The methods of which this duping is caused is a few and far between occasion that if anything was to happen we can simply analyze our logs and data we collect to pin point who is behind what and remove it before any damage is caused.

Thank you again for those who play the game fair.

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