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Hey everyone, Just some small changes for maintenance. We will be having a small boss spawn event on the weekend.

The boss is a custom boss based on a Twin Saga senshi and will have lots of really good loot to get from killing her. These rewards range from costumes, fortification items and even Gold Gear. I will be spawning her a 1PM EST Time (Server time) on both Saturday and Sunday (Channel will be announced around 30mins prior to the event in game). I hope you all enjoy it and give some feedback later for area's we can improve!

This weeks altar rotation will be extra generous too! This altar will have extra fortification items up for grabs and the weekend altar will have extra crafting items up for grabs!.



  • Increased the HP in 3v3 and 10v10.
    • I'd appreciate some feedback on this change!
  • Updated the archive.
    • We've also created some none battle mount versions of the Scorpian Mount for altar later this week!


Thank you all and stay safe during these hard times!

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