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Can't Be Discarded Awaken items

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Make Awaken items and Important items not able to be discarded/or sold in shops

Some of my friends sometimes accidentally sells their stuff in shops/or discard accidentally and

they have to write a ticket to be able to retrieve those items, we suggested that

we make those items unable to be sold or discarded same as Wedding Invitation.

If possible it can be applied to current items if not for future awaken items or items

that are hard to acquire in general, this also not prevent people from having to write tickets

but also it kinda solve the Blue things cant be auto sell kind of situation. 

ty hope its not a long ass message :3

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Not sure if this is possible as it might break the weapon, I'm kinda sure it will but maybe about 80~90% sure.

However, that being said people should take care of their items that they invest time and gold into and not just accidently discard. We have recovery services but only a small amount of people actually put in a ticket about it maybe 1-2 cases per month.


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