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Pet Status Increase

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Pet Status Increase.

I've been having fun in those years and i just wanted some investiment instead of just add new pets with pray porpouse, cause i know pets isn't like players that deal 500-999k dmg but they are good as DPS too or Debuff.
I've took and ''edited'' this from other game called Digimon Masters Online.
Its a seal table which give status to our digimon in general.
I know eden isn't focused on pets and its hard to give some kind of status like CRIT DMG or DMG Delt to them as passive.
So i've been thinking into some buffs for pets using Seal method.


Pet has their own atribute and skills, would be nice if have following increase of status.
Elemental X(Fire,Ice,Dark,Holy...) DMG +1% when 1k seal opened.
Crit Rate/Mcrit Rate xxx when 1k seal opened.
P-Atk/M-atk XXX when 1k seal opened.
ATK SPD XXX when 1k seal opened.
ACC XXX when 1k seal opened.
Skill Duration +1 sec when 1k seal opened.

How to open seal? Add to Gem Altar on Last roll place on prime item slot, item called Seal Opener.

Seal Opener Icon.png
You can open every 100 seal which gives xx status based on how much it gives like:
Skill duration 100 seal = 0.1 sec

Every 100 seal u will need 1 seal opener. (Max 1000 Seals)
How to obtein seals, Add Seal drop of 75% drop from DNG Bosses 0/2 or 0/10 Dungeons.

I know this HUGE update and need too much work but i'll keep it here just as an idea, IDK if its possible just to start :c.
Hope it come to the game anyday.


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