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Patch v4

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Hey everyone, just a small update for you guys with some fixes, some tweaks and some new additions. I know a lot of you seem to be asking when is the weapon percent system going to be added and I can tell you its in progress! There is no ETA of when this will arrive but just know it's being worked on.

There is some other things being worked on for Classic Eden Eternal also. I cannot give much information on it yet but for the moment I will be prioritizing the percent system over it. Hope you are all enjoying it so far and I might have some polls coming next week for some community feedback on certain matters. More information on that later.

Just as a further noticed incase anyone missed it, there seems to be some players experiancing graphical issues in regards to some items in game, please check this post out if you are effected by any graphical issues:



  • We've added some new items to our Item Mall.
    • We've added level 30 / 45 / 60 gathering tools to the Item Mall.
    • We've fixed the Bank Slot Rental to a tradable version in the Item Mall.
    • We've moved the Shattergem (NT) to the Gear Group in the Loyalty Shop.
    • We've implemented all the custom dyes to the Item Mall that where added to the Awaken Server here too!
    • Here is a preview thread made by @Herakles:


  • We've updated the Archive to contain more items that Aeria has blessed us with hiding as well as added all the Alpha's from the previous event too!
    • Note: We've also fixed some errors with the archive regarding the "Other Items" section.
  • We've updated both the "Extreme Rock" and "Infinity Rock" guitars to active on attacks and casts.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the Movement Speed of the "Razorsteel Leaf" mount.


Text Fixes

  • Fixed the Bard Class Talent "Pop Style" to list the correct skill.
  • Fixed the description text of Support Skill "Prevention".
  • Fixed the buff text of Human Support Skill "Snub".
  • Fixed the buff text of Zumi Magic DPS Skill "Perfect Disguise".
  • Fixed the effect text of "Jala's Execution Decree".
  • Fixed the effect text of "Robin's Control Rm Key".
  • Fixed the effect text and the buff text of "Ulicul's Love Charm".
  • Fixed some of the dye names that didn't match their counterpart.


Thats all for this week, I hope you all are enjoying EE Classic!


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