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Mystery Box Changes


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Hi all,

We've been receiving feedback for a while on our mystery box system so we've decided to change it up a little based off the feedback. What we have done is add a 100% reward system to the mystery box.

What do you mean 100% Reward System?
The 100% reward system works on the amount of boxes you have purchased. You can see an example below:


You can see the "100% win count" and it's value being 13/60. What this means is when you reach 60 you will be guaranteed to win 100% one of the main prizes in the box you're opening.

Do I have one number for all boxes?
No each box has it's own counter so you will have to purchase for example x60 of that box to gain 100% chance of an item.

What is your focus on this idea?
The main focus of this idea is to address the whole "light at the end of the tunnel" as some players are not as fortunate in winning the prize. This can be discouraging for users as they may feel ripped off or even not want to support the server again because of this.

What we aim for is to at least reward users lucky or unlucky as a thank you for purchasing the box over time.

Does my box continue even though the box has ended?
Yes if we were ever to re-release the box again your number will remain the same we will not modify or reset the numbers so if you opened only x amount and we re-released the box you could continue that number again.

Can I choose my reward?
Unfortunately we don't offer this feature but you do get one of the main prizes none of the common items so it can be bitter sweet for some users.

How many boxes must I open before I win?
As you can see on the image above the amount is displayed on that box. The number will vary depending on the items inside the box and the amount of items in the box. For example an item containing only 1 rare item will be a lot more than normal as there is only 1 rare item. But a box containing a lot of items will have less due to the fact there is a bigger pool of items. Depending on the kind of item such as pet skins will require less but fashion/lingerie will require more. On average we will be setting the number roughly around 15,000-17,000 VGN Points which is just over $30 worth of VGN Points.


I hope this new feature is good news to some of you. We have listened to peoples concerns regarding the rates of the boxes and so on but we've attempted tampering with the system and the outcome makes the boxes and items feel less important given small upgrades make a big impact.

The feature is however now live.

Thank you and enjoy!

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