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Weapon Quality Improvement System


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Welcome to the new Weapon Quality Improvement System!

This system allows you to improve the quality of your weapons as mentioned in Patch v2 - Launch Update. This will allow players to improve their gear further over time and rely less on RNG to get to that magic number of 120% and more on farming and collecting to improve it.


How does it work?

This system works by taking weapons of exact type and using them as fodder in order to improve the quality of your current weapon.

For example: I have a Silent Sleep Wand at 107% and I'm running a trial and I greed and get another Silent Sleep Wand at 104%. Rather than discarding the 104% I can break it into a Driver in order to increase my 107%.

Please Note: You will not lose any forticiations or gems doing this process. This process is strictly an improvement system.



Instructions / How to guide

  1. First you must get 2 of the same weapon, one that will be increased and one that will be used as fodder.
  2. Visit Aven and locate Weapon Quality Manager Joe who can be found at (X:251,Y:459).
  3. Purchase a Weapon Driver Forging Hammer from him.
  4. Use the Weapon Driver Forging Hammer on the fodder weapon.
  5. If you where successful you will now have a Weapon Specific Driver in your inventory, depending on the fodder weapon's quality depends on what grade of driver you get.
  6. Next simply use the driver on the weapon you want to improve and watch its percentage grow after use.




Weapon Driver Forging Hammer Rates

When used on a Weapon of 100%, 101% or 102% you will have an 80% chance to recieve a Bronze Weapon Specific Driver.

When used on a Weapon of 103% or 104% you will have an 85% chance to recieve a Silver Weapon Specific Driver.

When used on a Weapon of 105% or 106% you will have a 90% chance to recieve a Gold Weapon Specific Driver.

When used on a Weapon of 107% or 108% you will have a 95% chance to recieve a Platinum Weapon Specific Driver.

When used on a Weapon of 109% or above you will have an 100% chance to recieve a Diamond Weapon Specific Driver.




Weapon Specific Driver Information

Weapon Specific drivers as the name states are weapon specific. For example, if you use the Weapon Driver Forging Hammer on a Silent Sleep Wand 102% you will recieve a Bronze Silent Sleep Wand Driver.

Weapon Specific drivers always have a 100% chance to increase your weapon by the lowest value it states. However, any values above the stated lowest has an increasingly lower chance to be granted.

Here is a list of driver qualitys and their minimum and maximum values they can give.

  • Bronze Weapon Specific Driver - 1% ~ 8%.
  • Silver Weapon Specific Driver - 1% ~ 8%.
  • Gold Weapon Specific Driver - 2% ~ 10%.
  • Platinum Weapon Specific Driver - 2% ~ 10%.
  • Diamond Weapon Specific Driver - 4% ~ 12%.

Please note: Even though Bronze and Silver have the same minimum and maximum values because Silver is a higher quality driver it has a better chance at getting you a higher % value. The same applies for Gold and Platinum.



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