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Faction Change

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Faction change is currently being monitored and people will slowly move from side to side every 2 weeks.


Those allowed to move will be based on what we believe is needed on each side and which side seems to be the most need of people.


The next FC will be open in 2 weeks from this post and both factions are able to apply for it. If we are unable to move you, or the faction you applied for does not need additional people, your ticket will be closed and you can reopen it later for the next one.


In order to avoid a full rush to a side or skewing things too far (as has happened in the past), we will be limited changes each week to 2-3 people. This is so we can monitor with a few people at a time coming over and not unintentionally bringing too many over at once.

It'll be first come, first serve.


Please be sure that you have followed all FC guidelines and are prepared to move on the maintenance. If you are not, you will lose your space and chance to move.

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