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1 hour 2x event


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This is something i got from another game and dunno if it has evenr been a thing in EE before :) So im gonna try explain it simply eheh


So my suggestion is everynow and then, maybe 1 time per week, we could have an event thats managed by a GM, or even if you have time, by a GS or VGN, where you increase the Exp rate, CP rate, Drop rate you get for 2x, 3x, 4x, for 1 hour, 2 hours, or 3 hours. I think this would be fun to have as a change of winds everynow and then, sure not everybody would be able to partake, but maybe schedule the event to happen 2 times in a day or something like that :). 

It could even be trial exclusive, Mainland maps exclusive, or Dungeons exclusive, and being atleast 1 hour is enough for people to enjoy the event and it gives a shot for most to grab the stuff they most want, 1 hour is enough to do legions, world bosses, trials, etc. and if your lucky you can do more in that 1 hour.

Its a simple suggestion :)


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11 minutes ago, Jordan said:

Well we already have a default x2 event for CP/Drops/Gold.

However, if we where to do something like this, it would be weekly based not hourly based.

oooh i see :)

Yeah, I mean, you know the timers of when it should heppen better :)! just wanted to leave this out here :), I think it would be fun, 

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