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Blade Dancer improvement


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As many of you know BD cannot compare to mage or ilu on both PVE and PVP which is sad since BD was suposed to be the PDPS specialiced on AOE DMG. This situation is due to the following reasons:

1. To use your AOE skill you have to be in the center of where the enemies are which in PVP is a really bad idea since BD is not a tank class.

2. The only two BD AOE skill (dancing blade and fire dance ) has only 10 feet and 15 feet respectively which is way less than the 20 feet range AOE skill that the MDPS have, making BD less useful than mages on both PVP and PVE.

3. Even if the range of the ´fire dance´ skill can be improve by using glyph, it has a coldown of 6 seconds so you can´t rely on this skill to hit all enemies and since ´dancing blade´ also has 6 seconds of coldown you have to use the common orange aoe skill which again does not have more than 10 foot range. So you cannot compete with a mage with cast speed since he can cast snow storm practicaly endlessly.

4. Not a single skill can do a debuff on your opponent, so in this case you are pretty useless on pvp since there are class like ilu which can cause knock down and sleep on multiple targets on a 20 foot range.

To improve the BD I propose to first increase the range of ´dancing blade´ to 20 feets,  then reduce the coldown of both dancing blade and fire dance to 3 seconds to avoid relying on  the comon orange AOE skill, with these changes I think that BD would be able to compete againts other AOE classes at least on PVE.

However on PVP I still haven´t found any goood idea since the ones I have either make BD overpower or just drives to far away from clasic experience and in the future cap levels can become in a source of problems, so if somebody has an idea please write it down so we can discuss it.

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  • VGN GM

Although I agree with some of your points I don't agree with the current time of the game. Right now if people build EVA they can become naturally tanky that way and especially at this level of play where its hard to build stats, building EVA and then topping up to 100% with procs will make the class be able to dive into the middle of the enemy line up and survive. You cannot rely on EVA alone though, you will need some good resistances too along with shield swapping.

I agree however that with +14 and level 75 cap this becomes a bit of an issue as that is when people have good ACC without losing out on their other stats. It can still work in that state though as I know a couple of people who have actively played BD in PvE and PvP environments and made it work.

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Heeey, these are pretty good suggestions. There may have been a time were I was a BD enthusiast...

Let me just list a couple things before my seconding this post. BD is a pretty solid EVA tank- hell, all orange classes are, because they've an EVA-specific set. When I was still in Aeria, I met pretty solid BD's. My most enlightening experience was seeing one EVA tank all of Malice-Trial... how legendaric.

The debuff part I don't quite agree with. If you let me get mathematical for a moment... every +200 points on a stat are 10% of it, raw. So, if an ability lowers a certain stat by, say, -250, that's a solid -12% to it. For things like Casting, Agility, Evasion... 10% is a big number. BD with an EVA set and a high level [Flashy Charm] (which I'm pretty sure can exceed -200 ACC) makes the class pretty solid, particularly in PvE as enemies have low base ACC. It can also make a difference in PvP but you'd have to be pretty particular about your build, gear swaps, etc.

Other than that, these are solid points. If implemented, I don't really think BD would need more suggestions in the PvP realm. 20-feet is a much wider area than you'd imagine. It's enough to cover all corners in the middle of the 3v3 arena, for perspective.

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The problem with eva is that people on cap 60 already have more than 50% crit/ mcrit so you get hit quite often, also debuff like stun or knockdown drops your eva to 0% so trying to get in a good position to hit your opponents with an 100 foot AOE skill that requires you to be in the center of the AOE in a pvp enviroment would likely get you killed pretty fast for the reasons previously stated and also because healing skill won´t reach you if you are too close to the enemy as the AOE skill requires. You could also try to use a shield and become more tankier to resist but it will heavily reduce the DMG you can do and for an AOE of only 10 foot which only will reach a few enemies with a few AOEs of 25 foot (limited by coldown) without any king of useful debuff is not worth.

By the way I don´t think that the EVA stat should be modified for now since doing so would make eva focused clases very broken on current caps. So I think that the suggestions I made could help to make BD compete to other clases on a PVE and as hinseo point out they could make BD actually usefull on PVP since with an AOE of a wider range or having less coldown (up to 3 seconds) could compensate the risk of being killed  easy by putting yourself on enemy lines.

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