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An improved Auction House!


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Now, I've already made a post where I asked for a Trade Chat, but now that I think about it, why not implement a real economy system in the game, I know is not easy to do it since is not a thing in any game like this, but I've been recently playing another mmo (I will give the name of it if anyone is interested in the trading system I'm talking about) and there's an insane amount of details in the trade system.

One of those details is in the auction house
The auction house is divided in 3 choices:
1) Buy: Like every auction house, you talk with the npc and buy whatever you need from the listed things.
2) Sell order: Like every auction house, you talk with the npc and list all the items you want to sell and then wait for someone to buy them.
3) Buy order (wich is the interesting thing): So basically you go in the auction house and list an order wich shows to any seller that interact with the auction house that the player is interested in buying a total amount of items and he's free to sell them directly by giving the order, obviously if you like the amount of money they are willing to spend to get those items.

I don't know, I do really like the idea of having that third option to make the auction house something real and not anymore a scam place where everything is just overpriced!

Thank you,

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  • VGN GM

When it comes to systems related to trading and such I always avoid making any changes unless completely necessary as I don't want to risk making any mistakes and having something like items being lost or items being duped.

I don't really want to come across of cheap shotting a way out with this answer but truely thats the only reason I'd never do a change like this unless it was completely necessary (Like a bug/exploit).

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