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  • Added a new Honor Star reward NPC "Arena Reward Merchant, Winston" who is located in Aven (X:446, Y:396).


  • Added Mimic Class Outfits as a body and headwear costume that can be purchased from Arena Reward Merchant, Winston.
  • Added the Vendetta Upgrade Stone to the item mall.
    • This item can be used to upgrade certain in-game obtained Alpha costumes to primes.
    • The currently available costumes are:
      • *new* Mimic Body and Headwear costumes.
      • Lightning Halo (CCM Reward)
    • Note: More costumes will be added in future.



  • Added a confirmation button when clicking Reset UI.
  • Reverted the Classic Change of the Support Skill "Tornado".
  • Added the Old School jump as a selectable Emote skill for all classes.
  • Updated the amount of items that can be rolled on at a single time from 3 to 5.
  • You can no longer gain GVG Guild Fame unless you are level 60.
    • Note: This change was put to combat the amount of boosting in low level arena for "free" Glory Gift Bags.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the animations on casting that became bugged with the release of Inquisitor!





  • Fixed the Territory War party members colour so they now appear blue as expected.
  • Fixed the Oathblade Necklace so it now reduces cast speed as intended.
  • Iron Punk Boar can now be placed in Booth windows and Auction house.
  • Updated the text on Guild Building Reapir for clarity.


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