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Racial craft of appearence

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They originally only come with lvl 80. It's sad because we don't know if classic will ever even get to 80 but we'll have to deal with it :D I'd love to see the smol bears running around too.

Maybe it'd be possible for Jordan to put them in as an extra stage on 65 already but i see 2 issues

1. It'd be kinda unfair for other races since they have nothing "extra" 

2. If there will be a cap 80 some day, frogs will get nothing then.

I'd rather suggest to make them available through a different way. Maybe for Eternal points, maybe as a trashroll in altar or what i would like most: put them into repeatable quest reward boxes in the new maps with a rather low chance since lets be real apart from a few merchants and alpaca coins, you don't get anything useful out of them.


Believe me, it hurts. I'm a professional frog myself, but the suggestion itself just doesn't really make sense.

For reference again: OP was talking about Frog lvl 80 Racials -> Muscle Cream, Baby Powder, Teddy Bear Shampoo, Royal Bathsalt, Lavender Perfume, Oak Moss Steroil

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On 6/15/2020 at 5:50 PM, SenorBernd said:

1. It'd be kinda unfair for other races since they have nothing "extra" 


Just make baby powder available for humans
Like Poisonous Powder is available to all races in awaken.

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