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Hey everyone, we've finally release the much awaited level 65 cap!

Just as a heads up we will be pushing forward the level 65 trials forward 1 week to June 25th. This is partially down to community feedback and some scheduling issues on my end.

I'm also happy to announce we will be having our first Diamond Altar on the Classic Server. I hope that you all enjoy it!

  • Rotation 1: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.
  • Rotation 2: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.


Level 65 Content Released!

  • Maximum Character and Class level is now 65.
  • Maximum Guild Level is now 7.
  • Map Release: Witchcraft Forest, Gemsis Ridge and Shiver Peak


  • Class Release: Ranger




Arena Updates

Unfortunately we've had to disable rewards for all characters below level 60 in all forms of arena. This includes:

  • EXP/CP gained.
  • Honor Stars gained.
  • CCM gained.
  • Ranking Rewards (Only applies to 3v3).

We've made these changes to tackle a large amount of boosting that keeps occurring. I hope you can understand our decision.


Heavenly Phoenix Sword

  • Due to some issues in PvP this weapon has been disabled in PvP maps. It will be enabled again once a fix has been made.
  • It will automatically become a Wyvern Glaive in PvP maps.


Thank you all and Enjoy!

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