Summer Event 2020 Participation [CLOSED]

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Post your participation here.

     **Please feel free to format your post how you feel fit, this competition is about creative freedom.


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Character Name (IGN)*: RozenniaChan

Event Title* : Xmax Hunt!
Type* : Xmas-themed scavenger hunt!

Objectif* : Hunt around specific winter-themed maps for items.

Introduction* :  Santa has lost his cookies while delivering presents! Hunt around Shiver PeakIceflame HighlandsCrystal Utopia, and Frostmorn Mountains to find his cookies! You will know when you find one if you find a hidden chest! Give Santa his cookies back in Aven, or alternatively, refuse to give them and awaken Santa's hangry side!

Overviews :

Event Timer* : (Hours/Daily/Weekly): N/A; Event will last as long as a normal event. (I dunt kno how long they usually last for)

What we need?* :

Level : Needs acces to maps within Lv63~Lv106
NPC Name : Starving Santa
Dialogue : Ho-ho-ho! Hello young fella! I seem to be in a bit of a pickle. Whilst I was delivering presents, my jar of cookies fell off my sled! You must understand that I require these special cookies for my magic power, and to live of course! I was flying above the white wonderlands of this world when they got lost!  Could you please fetch them for me? I had 100 cookies when they fell off. I wouldn't want all of the good boys and girls to see my famished side now. 
Quest Name : Famished Festivities
Mission : Collect 100 cookies and give them to Starving Santa or burn the cookies and give them to Starving Santa.
Boss Name : Hangry Santa
Boss Achievement : All I want for Christmas is food
Spell : Heaby Blizzard: (Slows the targets in a 30-foot radius and deals ice DMG), Merry Mimic: (Summons an Mimic Present to fight for Santa), Naughty List: (Santa uses charcoal to reduce the targets ACC by 5%, stacks up to 5 times)
Monster : Merry Mimic: (Summoned by Hangry Santa and uses the Mimic model from TwinSaga)
Other : The player can choose to give Starving Santa the 100 cookies for rewards such as a title, costumes, or pets with "Nice List" themes, or burn the cookies and get rewards such as a title, costumes, or pets by defeating Hangry Santa with "Naughty List" themes.
DNG Name N/A
Script : N/A (I dunno what exactly to put here)
Boss / DNG / NPC Preview : Hangry Santa would have a red boss icon and 5 stars whilst having an affect called "Hangry" and Starving Santa would have an effect called "Starving".
Level : Starving Santa and Hangry Santa will both be Lv100 but the difficulty of the boss would scale with the level, similar to One-Eye Roger.
Map : Starving Santa will be located in Aven and Hangry Santa will spawn at the same spot when summoned.
Coordinates : X:448, Y:525
Title Name : Naughty List (If chosen to fight Santa), Nice List (If chosen to give Santa his cookies, can exchange items with Santa to gain the title.)

Rewards* : Titles: Naughty List, Nice List, (Would both give similar stats to King of Pandemonium or Trial Master), Pets: Santa's Helper: (Exchange for items with Starving Santa), Merry Mimic: (Possible Reward for defeating Hangry Santa.) Costumes: Rudolph Nose (Special), Reindeer Horns (Head), and other costumes with the Naughty/Nice theme.

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Character Name (IGN): Yuki

Event Title: Snowflake
Type: Honor Title

Objective: Have loads of fun while hunting a new world boss and killing monsters for mini quests!

Introduction:  Slush is a dangerous monster that will spawn inside of a DGN (mini version you could say), while there will be a 3h rotating Slush that will spawn inside a zone that our NPC will take you to, the DGN will be located there as well. Both will give different rewards needed to complete the task at hand, the quest for titles will require both bosses to be defeated and upon killing the boss his box will give you materials required to purchase Snowflake Honorary Title via a quest at the NPC. He will also give you a portion of materials needed to obtain general titles from both version of him! A couple of mini quests to keep you occupied until our big man spawns.Ideally all of the events pertaining to this world boss and the dungeon will take place inside of a new zone located via NPC in Frostmourn. I apologize I am bad at explaining and tend to over explain when I feel I can't get my point across so I will not do all of the idea, just the base.

Overviews: Slush was once a kind Snowman filled with nothing but joyful Christmas spirit! As time passed and seasons changed, the children who loved and played with Slush grew up and began to forsake him...

Event Timer:  3 hour rotation, daily.

What we need?

Level:  Lv95-120
NPC Name: Yuki
Dialogue 1: Psst,  traveller can you help me out over here? I've been weary to travel to the main city. I saw something really big there and was hoping you could kill it for me.
Dialogue 2: You will? Oh thank you so much traveller,  I won't forget this! I will reward you handsomely for you troubles.
Quest Name: Snowflakes Falling.
Mission: Snowy Problems
Boss Name: Slush
Boss Achievement: Slushied
Spell: Frozen Flakes - This will be Slush's main attack, it will deal AOE DMG up to 50 meters around him and cause targets to transform into snowmen. - Note: The boss on 3/hr rotation will have this skill.
Spell 2: Blizzard Shield - Upon reaching 5% Health Slushy will become nearly immune to all damage, each attack/spell he's hit with will now do 95% less damage. You will have 60 seconds to burst down all of Slush's remaining HP before he enrages and instantly wipes the party. 
Monster Mini versions of Slush will spawn periodically throughout the fight and debuff players with +10% DMG taken if not killed before Frozen Flakes is cast. Note: These mobs should be fairly easy to kill. - Note: the 3/hr rotation boss will have this.
DNG Name: Slushy Christmas
Script: Ha, the likes of you will never see the snow fall again! (Rest is TBD)
Boss Preview:



DGN Preview:  



NPC Preview 1:



(Robust Snow Empress Lenna)
NPC Preview 2:  



Level: Lv95-120
Map: Frostmourn
Coordinates: x670 y167.
Title Name: Snow Queen & Snow King (Pairing titles that can be obtained)

Rewards: ^ Titles as listed above, Snow Queen may be obtained via the dungeon and Snow King via the world boss, both will require necessary materials from both the dungeon and the world boss that will spawn. Custom costumes acquired through various mini quests inside of the zone that NPC will be teleportation you to. Other misc items like potions, mulled wines.

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So I kinda got carried away with this and went way more in-depth than I probably should have LOL. Everything in this post is subject to change until event is closed, since I somewhat rushed it and did this all in an hour or so. Need to change a lot of the formatting and make it look cleaner.

Character Name: Soul

Event Title: Saving Christmas
Type: Dungeon [3-player]

Objective: Defeat Mischievous Santa

Introduction: A race through a dungeon that any player can take part in, regardless of level. A Christmas event should be enjoyed by everybody!

Event Timer: Only available during Christmas time. Daily reset, 2 entries per day.


What we need?: 
Level: 30+
NPC Name: Cody
NPC Preview: 



Dialogue: Eternal Guardian! You're just in time! Mischievous Santa has betrayed us and stole all of the presents for himself! We need you to enter his castle and retrieve the gifts so that the kids may enjoy them this year! Help us save Christmas!
Quest Name: Mischievous Santa's Fortress
Mission: Enter Mischievous Santa's Fortress and retrieve the Christmas presents that were stolen, racing past all obstacles and challenges.


Dungeon Info
Name: Mischievous Santa's Fortress


Crystalline Citadel from Twin Saga




[Upon entering]
Mischievous Santa: "GAH! They've sent someone to steal what we've already stolen! We can't let this happen... Yeti, stop them!"
[Upon walking past entrance threshold]
Mr. Yeti: "Me catch them!"
[Upon approaching first boss room]
Mr. Yeti: "Ah... Yeti tired..."
Mischievous Santa: "What good are you, Yeti?! No matter... Yuki, stop them!"
Yuki: "Nyaa nyaa!"
[Upon Yuki being defeated]
Yuki: "Nyaa... uwu"
Mischievous Santa: "The fighting has stopped... Beasts, keep an eye out for them!"
[Upon reaching Mischievous Santa's room]
Mischievous Santa: "I just wanted to join in on the holiday too! Is that really so bad?!"
[Upon defeating Mischievous Santa]
Mischievous Santa: "Ho... Ho... Bah. Forget it..."


Dungeon Entrance Mechanics (up until first boss):


Dungeon Debuffs
Chilly: All players' Move SPD is set to 0.

Freezing!: Slows Move SPD by 60% for 10 seconds. Can only be removed by "You can do it!".
Stuck!: Knocks the target down for 10 seconds. Can only be removed by "I got you!".
Scaredy-Cat: Target is feared for 10 seconds. Can only be removed by "Don't be afraid!"

Upon entering, all players must talk to Cody to go over the plan and receive their role (NPC bar). Once all players have a role, they may begin the Yeti chase by talking to Cody. All players must work as a team to survive and make it to the first boss.

Buff: Warm Body: This player is immune to "Freezing".
Skill: You can do it!: Removes the "Freezing" effect from an ally. Range 20 feet. Cooldown 10 seconds.

Buff: Snow Shoes: This player is immune to "Stuck!"
Skill: I got you!: Removes the "Stuck!" effect from an ally. Range 5 feet. Cooldown 10 seconds.

Buff: Brave Soul: This player is immune to "Scaredy-Cat".
Skill: Don't be afraid!: Removes the "Scaredy-Cat" effect from an ally. Range 20 feet. Cooldown 10 seconds.

Mr. Yeti:
Once players pick their roles and pass the threshold, Mr. Yeti will start chasing them down (similar to Sturmfrau trial). Players must help each other make it to the fortress entrance and confront Yuki, the first boss. Any player hit by Mr. Yeti will take 999999 damage and the players must restart from the beginning. The dead player may revive at the entrance 10 seconds after dying.





First Boss: <Mischievous Santa's Helper> Yuki



First Boss Mechanics:


Upon reaching Yuki's room (the first square-shaped room in the dungeon path), Mr. Yeti quits chasing the party and the three debuffs from before stop occuring. Cody re-appears and provides players with a new NPC bar when selecting his dialogue option to combat Yuki.

NPC Skill:
Santa-Snax: Feeds Yuki a chocolate chip cookie made for Santa! Inflicts "Distracted!", stunning her for 10 seconds and reducing her HP. Range 20 feet. Cooldown 25 seconds. Once "Distracted!" ends, Yuki will chase the last person to successfully cast "Santa-Snax" on her until she is stunned again.

<Mischievous Santa's Helper> Yuki Fight:
Yuki does not have skills, but she is still very strong! She has one weakness though: sweets. If she catches you, her attacks deal 999999 damage and instantly kills a player. Players must alternate the "Santa-Snax" ability to keep her distracted until she gives up on fighting (aka runs out of health). Keep a safe distance from her and start running if she isn't distracted!

Yuki Passive Ability: Generates random Snow Storm aoes around the arena that players must dodge.


Pathway to Final Boss Mechanics:


Once Yuki is defeated, Cody will re-appear at the top of the stairs and provide players with a new buff. This section will be similar to the Thief awakened quest. You must sneak past Mischievous Santa's foxes (red sight circle around them) and make your way to his chamber. If a player is caught, all players will lose their NPC buff and be teleported back to where Cody was, and will have to restart.

NPC Buff:
Move SPD +50%. Player becomes invisible.

Mob Appearance:





Final Boss: <Present Stealer> Mischievous Santa



Final Boss Mechanics:


Cody will once again appear at the entrance to Mischievous Santa's room, providing players with another set of NPC buffs. This time, the players will select combat roles to confront Mischievous Santa, rescue the stolen presents, and save Christmas!

NPC Buffs
Passive: "Snowball" reduces the damage of Mischievous Santa's next attack by 50%. Cannot activate again for 10 seconds.
Skill 1: Snowball: Hurls a Snowball at Mischievous Santa, dealing a flat amount of damage.
Skill 2: Christmas Blessing: Heals all party members within the 25-foot target area.

Passive: Malice is increased by +100%.
Skill 1: Snowball: Hurls a Snowball at Mischievous Santa, dealing a flat amount of damage.
Skill 2: Christmas Spirit: Player becomes immune to damage for 10 seconds. Cooldown 30 seconds.

Passive: "Snowball" has a 5% chance to increase target's damage taken by 20% for 5 seconds.
Skill 1: Snowball: Hurls a Snowball at Mischievous Santa, dealing a flat amount of damage.
Skill 2: Christmas Joy: Increases damage dealt by +50% for 10 seconds. Cooldown 30 seconds.

After selecting your roles, you may begin the fight by throwing snowballs at Mischievous Santa.

Mischievous Santa Skills:
Skill 1:
Tricks, not Treats: Checker-shaped AoE across the arena that deals damage and inflicts "Naughty List", reducing damage dealt by 50% for 10 seconds.
Skill 2: Silent Night: Target-shaped AoE across the arena that deals damage and inflicts "Holy Night", preventing all skill casts for 5 seconds.


Honor Title: Cold Feet
Title effect: Having survived the freezing cold of Mischievous Santa's Fortress, character is no longer affected by "Freezing" while in Frostmorn Mountains.
Item: Mulled Wine x10, Random Reality Potion Box x10.

Thank you for taking the time to read, hope you enjoyed!

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Character Name (IGN): Mina
Event Title: Christmas Countdown!
Type: Boss + Quest

Objective: Finish your daily quests for different rewarding bags each few days. These would be up from December 1st up to January 6th. Additionally hunt down <The Rebellious Priest> Caesar for quest items and more!

Introduction: The <Silent Elf> Kelly knows what Caesar is planning to do to Christmas. Her plan is to switch his daily potion which allows him to grow stronger with some tea so that he can sleep through his idea against Christmas. This way he sleeps like an angel - not that he is one - and everyone else can enjoy themselves in this warming season.

Event Timer: Quests reset daily + Boss spawns every 4hours.


Level: Quest lv100.
NPC Spot: Aven X: 291 Y: 452 (Near the christmas tree that is there when the map changes)
NPC Name: <Silent Elf> Kelly



Quest 1 Name: Sleep well, you've worked hard.
Mission: Defeat <The Rebellious Priest> Caesar 5 times.
Dec 1st - Dec 10th: Christmas Essence x1 & Glorious Bag x1
Dec 11th - Dec 20th: Christmas Essence x1 & Joyful Bag x1
Dec 21st - Dec 24th: Christmas Essence x1 & Merry Bag x1
Dec 25th: Christmas Essence x1 & A very special bag for a very special elf. X1
Dec 26th - Dec 31st: Christmas Essence x1 & Delightful Bag x1
Jan 1st: Christmas Essence x1 & A very special bag for a very special elf. X1
Jan 2nd - Jan 6th: Christmas Essence x1 & Festive Bag


  • Glorious Bag contains 1 of the following:

Warm Christmas Sleigh (Prime)
Snowy Christmas Sleigh (Prime)
Wishful Christmas Sleigh (Prime)
Christmas Reindeer Puppy (White)
Christmas Tree (Furniture from Twin Saga)
Christmas Poster Board (Furniture from Twin Saga)


  • Merry Bag contains  1 of the following:

Mysterious Pretty Xmas Dress Costume (Prime)
Mysterious Fashionable Xmas Costume (Prime)
Mysterious Soft Snowman Hat (Prime)
Mysterious Xmas Snowman Hat (Prime)
Christmas Tree (Furniture from Twin Saga)
Christmas Poster Board (Furniture from Twin Saga)

  • Joyful Bag contains 1 of the following:

Clever Christmas Reindeer Puppy (Prime)
Brave Christmas Reindeer Puppy (Prime)
Snowy Christmas Sleigh (Prime)
Clever Christmas Reindeer Puppy (Alpha)
Christmas Tree (Furniture from Twin Saga)
Christmas Poster Board (Furniture from Twin Saga)

  • Delightful Bag contains 1 of the following:

Wishful Christmas Sleigh (Prime)
Brave Christmas Reindeer Puppy (Alpha)
Gingerbread Man Alpha (Costume from Twin Saga)
Gingerbread Man Prime (Costume from Twin Saga)
Christmas Tree (Furniture from Twin Saga)
Christmas Poster Board (Furniture from Twin Saga)

  • Festive Bag contains 1 of the following:

Warm Christmas Sleigh (Prime)
Snowy Christmas Sleigh (Prime)
Wishful Christmas Sleigh (Prime)
Mysterious Pretty Xmas Dress Costume (Prime)
Mysterious Fashionable Xmas Costume (Prime)
Christmas Tree (Furniture from Twin Saga)
Christmas Poster Board (Furniture from Twin Saga)

  • A very special bag for a very special elf. Contains ALL:

Christmas Tree (Furniture from Twin Saga)
Christmas Poster Board (Furniture from Twin Saga)
Transformation Time!
Heavenly Tea x5

Quest 2 Name: Until next year!
Mission: Collect 25 Christmas Essence. (Reward from "Sleep well, you've worked hard.")
Reward: Title: Rebel without a Claus.

Boss Name: <The Rebellious Priest> Caesar
Preview: (Sized up)



Boss Achievement: Christmas stays, you can go.
Mailed Reward: One of the following

  • Heavenly Tea (Would be kinda like Mulled Wine, etc. Maybe something new to stack, or not! - The Icon would be the same as it is in Twin Saga)
  • Transformation time! - An item that would transform you into Alfred (Twin Saga model). Alike to the bunny transformation item in the archive.
  • Clever Christmas Reindeer Puppy (Prime)
  • Brave Christmas Reindeer Puppy (Prime)
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Character Name (IGN)*: Risama

Event Title* : Santa wears Yellow
Type* : Login Challenge

Objectif* : 25M Raid to kill Saint-Nicolas 

Introduction* : Thank Santa for polution or else it would be cold outside.

Event Timer* : 25 Day Event Starting 01/12/2020

What we need?* : Everyday Saint-Nicolas must be killed, kill counts as a daily challange (like daily login). Reaching 7 days, 14 days, 25 days gives diferent rewards.

Level : 120 
Boss Name : Yellow jacket Santa-Nicolas 
Boss Achievement : The field is on fire
Monster : Existing Santa colored yellow
Map : Shiver Peak

Rewards* : day 7 = 10x EC(NT) ; day 14 = 1x Item that makes do an annoucement (yellow chat) ; 25 day = 1x Event Point + Character Title

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Character Name (IGN)*: Problemin

Event Title* :Rushing medicine in Chaos in Aven
Type* : Race Challenge

Objectif* : everyone will get one item that will have to deliver to Jackson without dying in the process.

Introduction* : the alpacas need medicine, you need to delivery from Aven fountain (safe zone) to Jackson  (he will be teleporting to different places in aven) and if u don’t die in the process you win the event

Overviews :

Event Timer* : (1 hour Every Sundays in August)

What we need?* :

Level :50 or Higher

NPC Name : Jhonson (the one that give you de quest)
Dialogue : Hey! buddy, we need to send this medicine to our friend Jackson, if we do that we can save all the alpacas in the world.

NPC Name: Jackson

Dialogue: Finally we got the medicine, now we can save all the alpacas

Quest Name : Deliver omega medicine
Mission : Deliver item “medicine”
Boss Name :Every world boss/Trial boss around aven

Other : If you die you will lost the item and need to start again, also everyone will be in this map trying to get to the right point

DNG Name :Chaos in Aven

Map : Aven map

Rewards* :

x1 Mysterious Box (when you open the Mysterious Box u Will get randonly one of the following ítem: mount/costume(male or female)/weapon (1h or 2h)/head alphas or prime, Eden Crystal(1-100), Honor Star Point(1-100), Eternal Point(1-100))


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Character Name (IGN)*:  Chopper

Event Title* :  Rescue  Rudolf
Type* :  Hunt pve and pvp Event

Objectif* :  is to hunt some special monsters based on a series of riddles, where you must discover the monsters that you hunt

Introduction* : Rudolf lost the idea of what Christmas was and needs our help to remember the importance of Christmas

Overviews :

Event Timer* : (6 Hours rotation Dialy)

What we need?* :

Level : 99
NPC Name : Rudolf
Dialogue : I need Your Help, iforgert what christmas it is….
Quest Name : i Need Your Help
Mission : Hunt (Ramdon Mobs)
Rudolf lost the idea of what Christmas was and needs our help to remember the importance of Christmas…You can only take the mission 5 times, each time the server restarts the mission it will
Boss Name : Candyman, 1-2-3-4-5 Whatever u want!
Boss Achievement : You Are My Hero
Spell : Triple Hit Slash ,


Spell2:  Reflect x200% the damage taken


Spell3: Recovery 30% of the damage taken converting in Hp


Monster : mini CandyMan
Other : Yeti, Bigfoot, SnowMan

DNG Name : Xmas Dark

Script : You Cant See What happen
Boss / DNG / NPC Preview :
Level : 90
Map :Dark Xmas
Coordinates : Ramdom Spawn
Title Name :
   Xmas Hero or Xmas Villains..



2- the other way is to participate in xmax arena, where they will fight randomly chosen classes(like Mage, Hunter or Bard etc...)  and teams where the statistics are standard, no matter your statistics or the class that enters, it will be like the monster arena, open twice a day for 3 hours you have to completed the quest and only can do it x5 per day, you can participate whenever you want but only the mission will give the fragment, and if you win the arena you receive 2 honor points and 1 medal of the class praise

Rewards* : Of the two forms you will collect fragments, which you will exchange for an Xmax Crystal and you will play the special Altar only on Christmas date you can only make 5 per day, and there will be 30 fragments for 1 crystal

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Thanks to all of you for participating in our Summer Event, many of you have a good idea, even if some of them need to be revised to be used for our next event.
Without further ado, here are the winners:


🥇1st Place -


🥈2nd Place -


🥉3rd place -


🎖️For participation -

@Mina & @Godesque & @Problemin & @juandres

🏆More Rewards for -

@Mina & @Rin


Rewards will be sent as soon as possible!

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