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Summer Art Event [DONE] !

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Hi guys, to celebrate Summer I'm opening this art event for you.

The event consists in creating an art work about Eden Eternal with a Summer theme. You will have to draw for your art.


    1. You can only submit your drawing once, anyone caught using multiple accounts will be disqualified.
    2. Do not sell artwork for people on the event, let them do this by their selves.
    3. Fotoshopping/editing an image from the internet is not allowed.
    4. Make sure to include in your post your IGN (in game name), so I can send you your prize.
    5. PC drawings are allowed.


🥇1st Place (1 winner) : 3 Event Point

🥈2nd Place (2 winners) : 2 Event Point

🥉3rd Place (3 winners) : 1 Event Point

Things to keep in mind:    

  •  We have the right to refuse any participation if we think it does not comply with the rules, or otherwise.
  •  Items will be sent to winners Item Mall.

Event starts today, 06/20, and ends at 07/19.


Have a nice day and Good luck, May Art be with you !


Post your participation HERE

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To clarify the Summer Event Rewards, these are Event Points that you will be able to use starting next week. At the moment we haven't chosen the rewards yet, we will try to show you an overview of the rewards next week.



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