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Safety Stones


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Hey all,

Since this is a hot topic, we wish to address it here so the threads related to this subject stop and we can begin focusing on other areas of the game.

We understand some players have concerns on the availability of Safety Stones, we've been assessing the situation for the past few weeks before deciding on any actions. Instead of us doing a whole bunch of changes, we're going to gradually tinker areas in hope it improves the availability of Safety Stones to everyone.

Some key areas we've noticed relate to players hoarding these items for future gear being released, the lack of availabilty to non-paying players outside of farming gold for EC and possibly the rates of success these items produce.

We've decided on the possible following steps in hope it addresses this subject without causing significant impact to the economy and server.

Step 1: Altar Changes
We will be amending Altars to allow Viridian Safety Stones to be on a lower prize pool so they become a more common item for everyone. It is common practice that a lot of players purchase EC either with AP or gold so we believe it is good to start here first.

Step 2: Safety Stone Wipes
If Step 1 has not improved the availability of these items, we will have to take other measures. We believe the possibility of wiping Safety Stones before each gear patch will stop players hoarding said items and make them available to everyone within the market.

Step 3: Further Availability
We may eventually be forced to make said items more available in other areas of the game (i.e. Dungeons, Quests etc). We've discussed many times many options on how to possibly do this but restrictions are near impossible due to Items being tradeable and achiveable so alt abuse is huge and defeats the purpose of the efforts.


We are beginning with step 1 in hope it improves. It is important to remember that right now Safety Stones seem a lot lower due to Jordan's mess up on their availability in the Altar this week and the fact new Trial gear is available tomorrow. People are stocking up in efforts for the new gear which is understandable.

How did we get here?
Initially we overlooked the fact that players would hoard for future content, our calculations were based on a flourishing market which backlashed against us. I've stated the amount of Safety Stones available in-game right now that players hold and there are more than enough to go around so in terms of the item being produced to the game it's enough, we just have to find ways to spread them.

Initially our ideas were to make a daily dungeon but that came with many obstacles, we can't just make the Stones untradeable either as alts and archives exist.

We've made it clear from the start that we didn't intend on doing the things we do on Awaken as what's the point in having Awaken server aside from extra custom content and Awakened Classes? Our angle is to not make it 2 dungeon runs and done, we spend months doing content to then be complete in a few days and that's not what we're aiming to achieve here at Classic.

You all asked for lower rates remember and with that came challenges we need to all face. This is important to remember that we're not doing this to spite any of you. I've spent a couple weeks now playing the game and in all honesty it's not as bad as it's being made out considering my approach was to not send an item, gold or VGN/AP to the account I'm playing on and it's really not as bad as you think.

Anyways, granted this a sore subject now I felt it in everyone's best interest to understand that we are working on solutions and we are assessing everything. We hope tomorrow's changes make an impact and if not we will go back to the drawing boards.

Thank you!

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