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Based on feedback we've added a Virdian Safety Stone to the lower levels of the Altar to increase the amount of them flowing through the economy. We will be closely monitoring these stones over the next week to see what effect it has on the economy. We have also increase the amount of regular Safety Stones given at a higher tier to help make them more affordable for players who do not donate and more quantiful for donators.

For more information on these changes:



We've finally release our Event Box system for Eden Eternal Classic!

For more information on the Event Box system:



Content Updates

  • We've release the Level 65 Trials!
    • Note: Level 65 Arena Crafting has now been enabled!




  • We've added Class Medal drops to the following dungeons (0/2 & 0/10):
    • Soulmor Falls
    • Vortek
    • Federal Armory
    • Manor
    • Basel Border
    • Colossal Cauldron
    • Sturmfrau
    • Windsnap Lair
    • Skleros's Ice Abyss



  • Disabled the trophy "5 Beast Team Badge".
  • Updated the duration and cooldown of "Quick Recovery Potion" of all levels.
  • Item "Loving Heart" can now be stacked 999 times.
  • Added Weapon Drivers for the following level 50 weapons:
    • Skull Cutter
    • Wild Arrogance
    • Warlord Fire Pistol
    • Holy Light Deserter
    • Cruel Magic Barrier
    • Arrogant Jazz


Bug Fixes

  • Samurai Skill "Shrine Belief" is now removed upon changing class.
  • Mount "Ocean Fun Itasha" is no longer classed as a tandem mount.


Text Fixes

  • Updated the Quest Item "Beast Trap Clamp" to contain the correct coordinates.
    • Note: Quest: L61. Grounded (REP).
  • Item "Blueprint: Blood Howl Axe" materials.
  • Item "Blueprint: Rapid Eagle" materials.
  • Item "Blueprint: Night Crawl" materials.
  • Item "Blueprint: Alpaca Knight Helmet (Prime)" materials.
  • Item "Blueprint: Alpaca Suit (Prime)" materials.
  • Item "Frightclaw's Azure Cape" effect.
  • Item "Resurrection" effect.
  • Item "Fortune Goldfish" description.
  • Item "Fortune Goldfish (Alpha)" description.
  • Pet Skill "Resistance Collapse".
  • Achievement "Forbidden Portal: Feeble Spirit".
  • Achievement "Forbidden Portal: Mournful Spirit".



Boop Boop, Enjoy!

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