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I'm thinking about making a healer in the newly 65cap. From what i'v seen in the game, everyone is using lck elimination gems and mainly focus on crits. I heal trials with fame set mcrit and cast set and only have wis from proccs (rings and weapons), this build is serving me well atm as its similar to what everyone is doing focusing on crit heals. I wonder why no1 is using wis gheal gems or G heal focused builds. is that build really weaker than crits? can some1 explain to me which is better for healing and why?

I'm a frog and looking for mainly tanky heal build i dont really care about dealing any dmg with my cleric build.

Thank you. 

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wis heal gems are for rich healers basically. if you can afford to have lck or mcrit rate forts on every single piece of equipment you can make them work, but otherwise your crit rate will be too low to heal as reliably well as other healers with lower wis but high mcrit rate and dmg. it's not that gheal is weaker than crits (i feel like gheal is pretty unpredictable in how much it heals, but it has a high ceiling from what i've seen so your range could be from average to VERY high heals) it's just that it's much cheaper and more attainable/reliable to use lck gems and get wis forts, than wis gems and lck forts. you can heal with an ishtar set as long as you're using full wis/gheal procs on the rest of your equipment, but if you want an actual healer set spectral pinion is very much worth trialing and crafting for. healing is very versatile and whatever you have or your budget you could probably make something work.

for tankiness, reroll your shield until you get a block fort, use a block trophy with guardian on it (null heart or robin), do your resist achievements, use grace of wisdom and war rhyme glyphs, gods eye shield, and/or the -10% damage cape, and make sure you cap resistances (most importantly ice and holy but fire is useful too) when you are procced. use your racial skills often as frog blue classes have good skills.

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