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Odd bug that forced multiple alpaca screens at once.

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So there I am, in aven ch1 at around 9:26pm (9:27pm when i logged back in and realized i needed to file a report) mountain standard time USA, checking out the player stalls, and someone casted snowstorm off screen, and I know it was snowstorm because i saw the visual effect of it, right before my game got alpaca'd, and when I logged back in, there was a gap, a hole, a section of avens normal ch1 player selling area where vendors previously were, that was just missing. Shortly after I logged back in, a couple others logged back in the same spots they were when they got paca'd, while others in the area were unaffected.

This leads me to believe that someone found a bug that allows them to use snowstorm in some capacity to force players within the area of effect to crash.

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