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Fortification Stone Idea


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22 hours ago, infecttado said:

LOL thought u knew that, literaly me and Herakles during classic release saw VGN going from 35k to 80k in 1 day cause ppl wanted to sell all their stuff to buy VGN and use on classic.

I'm aware people trade services/gold for PGC Cards, this is something we cannot trace or have much control over and we advise everyone doing so to do at their own risk as most people doing this have been caught charging back and scamming.

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23 hours ago, MaD2210 said:

Sadly, GM got no control over those player who buy literally 100-200$ of VGN on awaken and use the code on Classics, but the real issue is price. 

I saw a Spectral Pinion Robe 109% selling for 20k gold. 20K GOLD you need 4 more part for your set !!!

I saw a Lv65 Club 109% again, 10k !!! Do you even realize the price for it ?

Crafting the robe if you grind the fear core and alrdy got armor 63 + halu root (let say you get it after 3k cause you are REALLY unlucky) will cost you like... 5k max to craft ? These are UNLUCKY Price. Meaning you do a 15k profit minimum. Then the player who spent literally 20k need to put 4 chisel in it and then put lck gems x4 and then put it +6 cause +10 isnt necessary in my opinion. This amount of gold is busted for a f2p player.


Anyway, I honnestly wanna thanks GM cause I loved being in EE back like it was in 2012 playing my class on old djn, doing those trial and killing world boss with guildie ! I know it hard to manage it since our community is a complete mess of player who like to fuck thing up. Many of them havent played the classic way, they just spent million of gold in awaken for code and then bough ep129 and did most of achievement. I remember seeing material lv20-50 on cap 50 for achievement yet all I see is ton of gear 65 for those who alrdy got ton of gold.

About items price, this same full set 101%-104% for 8k.
Some people will care about 1-2k def, which is nothing since mage will 3 shot if get you isoled.
@MaD2210 VGN is decreassing price on awaken. 70k is common price, will get lower and lower.

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