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Fix Item Support "Stronger status is in effect" Spam

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When you have, say a L1 potion on item support (which many players do, especially crit pots) and then you use a higher level for pvp or whatever, the item support still tries to use the lower level pot you have on item support every second and it spams your system chat. I personally have many L1 pots constantly running, and I have to remove them from atuo-use when I use the higher tier ones because this is about 2 seconds of my system chat after using them:



So the only solution is to remove them from item support, then re-add them after PVP but I end up having to do it several times a day. If this could be fixed somehow so the item support stops trying to use for example WIS Potion 1 if WIS Potion 2, 3, or 4 is in effect, that would be appreciated. The game will just constantly be trying to re-use the pots and even if you only have 1 thing on auto-use, it still takes up a huge chunk of the system log.

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