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Patch v9

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Just a small one today as my efforts for the past few weeks have been aimed at finalizing the content for the Awaken server. My next work will be aimed at bringing this server something fun for PvE along with Elysian Island in the coming weeks. Hope you're all still enjoying yourselves with the nostalgia 😁



  • Ranger skill "Hunter Eagle" can now be used while in combat.
  • Mage Skill "Snow Storm"'s immobilization effect is removed on being hit.


Bug Fixes

  • Mysterious Thick-framed Sunglasses (Prime) is now displayed correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where the P-ATK & M-ATK of drivered weapons didn't apply until changing channel or relogging.


Text Updates

  • Costume "Mysterious Comfy Pajamas (Prime)" name.
  • Item "Divine Protection Blessing" effect.
  • Item "Almighty Cape" effect.
  • Item "Acilino's Fang" effect.
  • Item "Tyrant Fear" effect.
  • Item "Tyrant Night" effect.
  • Level 65 Gold Armor Set Bonus Improvements.
  • Level 63 Orange Armor Set Bonus Improvements.
  • Armor Set Bonus "Iron Mind" Improvements.
  • Armor Set Bonus "Redemption" Improvements.
  • Armor Set Bonus "Ancient Shield" Improvements.
  • Guild Statue "Rikerine's Bloom" effect and description.
  • Guild Statue "Holy Glass Tree" effect and description.
  • Guild Statue "Blooming Melody" effect and description.
  • Guild Statue "Holy Crystal Light Tree" effect and description.



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