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Adjust Orientation of Skewed Weapon Costumes


do you want these costumes to be changed?  

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  1. 1. edit 1h costumes to be less buggy

    • yes, i prefer the edited versions
    • no, i prefer them the way they are

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there is a few 1h weapon costumes that are well-liked and sought after but rarely used together because they look...well..really weird. i would like to suggest flipping the orientation of these costumes so that they are symmetrical and look less awkward. i'm by far not the only person that feels this way about these costumes. thank u for ur consideration


tedde bare original:

-clips through legs, hands

-if the sizing/positioning could be edited a bit so it doesn't cut straight though the player model hands/legs, that would be nice.


suggested change (using original right hand positioning for left hand as well):


which imo already looks a lot better even with no changes to how badly it clips through hands.


plumed fan original:

-ill be honest have no logical reason for suggesting this change other than the current positioning irks so many people and ever since this costume came out people have talked about how they havent worn them because they wished the orientation was different


suggested change (using original right hand positioning for left hand as well):



oracle key original:

-one positioning clips through costumes a lot more than the other

-looks very off to have them so asymmetrical


suggested change (using original right hand positioning for left hand as well):

doesnt clip through stuff as much, looks more in line with normal 1h weapon placings



these are the main 3 that come to mind @ this issue but if theres any im missing i would make some more totally gorgeous 5 second photoshops of improved versions. plz consider this costumes are our life on ee all we do is stare at ourselves

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On 8/1/2020 at 2:33 AM, Jordan said:

This might not be something possible to do. I wont rule it out since I haven't had a chance to look into it yet. I will look into it though for sure.

i've thought about this a bit more and come up with something that i hope is practical.

the idea is that you create a separate item that flips them, presumably purchased from an npc (like the drivers are) and used together with the prime 1H weapon costume in the arcane box to turn it into the other version. they would be re-reversible and another way to customize your character if you preferred your weapons facing one way or another, and if you made the price a couple thousand gold or something it'd be another little goldsink since players already don't mind spending lots of gold on costumes. i wouldn't mind paying like 2.5k gold or something to reverse my weapon for its alternate appearance. possible icons for this item could be the same one as the departure crystal or isolda's heart trophies.

so let's say i buy a 1H Weapon Inversion Crystal (placeholder name) and throw it in the arcane box with my Oracle's Key. it would make a flipped version named Oracle's Key - Reverse (Prime) (another placeholder name) that could be equipped as normal, except the orientation is changed. buying another crystal and putting the reverse key into the arcane box would create the regular appearance. if this idea was implemented, the reverse items would need to be added into archive, as well as a bind-check to make sure that throwing a bound item into the arcane box makes sure the re-created item stays bound, or unbound vice versa. another thing would be making sure the items would be listable in auction house+booths.

i also went through the archive several times for 1H weapon costumes that are asymmetrical to make sure we got them all.

the full list (including the ones mentioned in my initial post) is:

  • Charity Round Sign
  • Protester's Sign
  • Pinwheel
  • Poison Needle
  • Demented Scarecrow
  • Broken Devil Arrow
  • Plumed Fan
  • Demon Pirate Cutlass
  • Sweetheart Mace
  • Decadent Chocolate Stick
  • Tedde Bear
  • Icegem Snowflake Staff
  • Crystal Wand
  • Chocolate Sundae Cones
  • Green Tea Sundae Cones
  • Oracle's Key
  • Kitty Mage's Broom
  • Freshet Monarch Fan
  • Savory Corn on the Cob

i understand that this definitely isn't a top priority but i hope that someday a way to flip these costumes is implemented as it would be a big QOL improvement for many 1h costumes and would make it much more fun in general to purchase them if they could be customized further by choosing their orientation. thank you for being open to the idea. if i mis-explained something or missed a detail i would be happy to try to clarify further.

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