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Safety Stone Updates


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Safety Stone Wipes

As we mentioned/discussed in previous posts the hoarding of stones has persisted to be an issue within the game when people are expecting the next gear patch. It's been a large problem and I have recieved a number of messages and tickets expressing concern with the Ultramarine Stones and Coral Stones being hoarded over the last month as people have been preparing for the next gear patch. Now I understand why people choose to hoard and it isn't really a problem we have with hoarding. However, players who are trying to start the game are being forced to obtain the stones themselves or just simply cannot get them.

Now we don't want to be unfair and we understand why players are hoarding the stones. So to counter the Stone Wipe we will be increasing the rates of these specific stones on the Crystal Altar. We will be monitoring the new rates and will be tweeking the rates if needed based on the results.

We hope that with this change we can achieve the following things:

  • More stone trading between players, allowing for the price of stones within the market to balance out more.
  • Stone Sale panic days, a day or so before the wipe people with a large collection of stones will try to get rid of them. So one way they do this is by selling them cheaper than market value. This should allow players who don't have a lot of gold to pick up some cheap stones to advance their gear.
  • More enjoyment from rolling altar. Obviously landing on stones is a good feeling and even with the changes, you should still net you a profit if you do decide to sell the stones. So generally people should feel like altar is more rewarding.
  • If all the above comes together well it will also give some room more future availability of stones just like we did with Elysian Island.

Stone wipes will occur at the last maintenance of the month, so the week before the ranking rewards are reset. So starting next month (September 24th 2020) we will be wiping the following stones:

  • Ultramarine Sublime Safety Stone
  • Ultramarine Halcyon Safety Stone
  • Ultramarine Lucky Safety Stone
  • Coral Sublime Safety Stone
  • Coral Halcyon Safety Stone
  • Coral Lucky Safety Stone
  • Sublime Safety Stone
  • Halcyon Safety Stone
  • Premium Lucky Safety Stone
  • Lucky Safety Stone.

Now I cannot stress this enough. This change is being brought forward to help the games economy and to not gate players who started the patch 2-3 weeks late from being able to join in. Please read this post that was made by Bash that was made before the previous patch as some of the points from this post still stand:



Extra Information (FAQ?)

Why only stones aimed at +6 ~ +10?

We initially had in mind that all stones would fall into this category would be wiped. However, with the previous changes aimed at Viridian Stones we had a very positive outcome server wide. We are very happy with the final outcome of this change and we do not believe hoarding has effected these stones much on the market if at all.


What happens to NT Stones?

If and when NT stone are released in future content. These stones will not be subject to the wipe as they are unaffected by hoarding. Although, I do not think they exist at the moment they will likely start appearing in some future content in the coming months. So do not panic, if you have one of these stones that is NT you do not need to burn through it before a wipe.


Why are they wiped at the end of the month?

We feel a monthly wipe is the best way to achieve a fair wipe that doesn't benefit the rich and screw over the poor.

If we wiped the stones before every gear related patch as suggested originally this will drastically hurt the poorer players within the server as the richer players will just simply out bid these players on patch day and at that point we may aswell not bother wiping the stones.

Note: We will actively be trying to avoid releasing big gear patches the same day as a stone wipe for the very above reason. We cannot promise this will always be the case but it will be something we will be actively trying to avoid as again we're not against hoarding but we don't want people sitting on stones for weeks on end while new players cannot access them.

We also didn't want to wipe the stones during the monthly reset period as this could create a monopoly of the stones from rankings as the current availability of the stones would be limited. All it would take is 1 bad altar for things to turn sideways.


I thank you for taking the time to read this and if you have any questions about this change or any suggestions to add you can do so via the correct channels on this forum.

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