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PVP Changes

I will be reviewing the suggestions made on the PVP Changes post over the coming days and will have a post out with an initial list of changes in the coming days to discuss the changes. You still have some time to post any last minute suggestions as until the thread is locked I will still be accepting any suggestions.

I'm sorry for any delays on this as I've had a busy week or so, so I've not been able to make much progress on these matters. However, it is the next task on my list for both Classic and Awaken so more information will be coming and announced in game when released.


Safety Stone Updates

We're are changing somethings regarding Safety Stones. Please check this post for some updates:



Diamond Altar

To celebrate the patch launch we will be having another Diamond altar! This week we will be releasing the Blazeblight Recolours from our Awaken Server and the Seraphic Wings in their Original Colours.

Additionally we will be re-releasing the Diamond Altar's from last time with some minor adjustments next week. So if you get what you want from these Diamond Altars but you want some Lances or Marvel Wings, make sure to keep hold of your remaining Diamonds!

The rotations for both these altars will remain the same:

Thursday - Sunday = Rotation 1
Monday - Wednesday = Rotation 2


Awaken 65 Weapons

The awaken 65 weapons are finally here!

Whats changed?

We've updated the descriptions of all the awaken weapons to match the description style that I type out on the Awaken Server. We did this to fix any sort of typo's or ambiguities regarding the weapons.

The only weapon that was changed was the Awaken Greatsword and that was because it was bugged and instead of reducing Slash Resistance it was reducing Fire Resistance.

However, we did update the quest costs and some of the requirements to match the original versions of the quests and also to match the current server economy and activity.


Here is an updated guide provided by [GS]Herakles



  • We have added the remaining level 90 Class Head Pieces as costumes to the "Arena Reward Merchant Winston".
    • Note: These Head costumes are the same item for all genders and races.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the War Stone Polymerizer cooldown time.


Text Fixes

  • Fixed the description of the achievement "I've Got My Eye on You".
  • Fixed the description of the Pet Pray "Sharp Intuition".
  • Fixed the description of the Pet Pray "Absolute Focus".


I hope you all enjoy prime 65 cap!

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