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Dear Eden Eternal community,

Now it's your turn! We want to give you the opportunity to submit your own event ideas (for Discord, Forum or In Game), and we will do our best to implement your event ideas as long as they can be implemented.

You can submit your event ideas and reward suggestions below or contact me on Discord.
You can also give feedback about Events.

We look forward to your ideas and we will make every effort to implement the events as soon as possible.

~Your VGN team

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  • Jordan pinned this topic

First, English is not my main language, please forgive me for the mistakes that might appear in the text.

Event feedback: 

I’m tired of the small events that have been organised recently. I didn’t participate in the last one to be honest. I’m not saying we should stop doing these, but I think we’re lacking some fresh events.

I like the event point system, it’s working well and continuing events like “hide and seek”, “spelling bee” or “trivia” to get these event points is a good thing.


But repeating these events is a bit boring. The first idea I have is simply to have more boss spawns, like the one you did in May with <Angered Sprite>Melody. Boss fighting is fun, rewards were good and accessible for everyone, there were achievements point when killing the boss.

Maybe we can re-do this event, but I like the idea of seeing a new boss, with same reward system and a new achievement.



Autumn leaf event:


For this second part of my text, I present you an original idea. The theme is centred around autumn season since it will take some time to be prepare, and at this time we might be in autumn… Keep in mind it’s just a theme and it can be adapt for Christmas or Alpaca theme!


Main goal of the event: collect as many as possible of event token that can used to buy stuff to an event NPC.


What are these event tokens? An object obtained via in game quest that works as a currency for a merchant NPC. In the proposed theme, it could be <Autumn Leaf>.

How to obtain these event tokens? Complete quest in game, like trial quest, TW quest or arena quest. The idea is there is different ways in game to obtain these tokens, so PvE and PvP players can enjoy the event.

Rewards? Player obtain rewards by trading event tokens they have gathered.

Duration: 2 weeks? Can be more or less, but event merchant NPC cost should be adapted.

At the end of the event, all event tokens that have not been used are deleted.


Some suggestions to obtain token:


Add event token to the following quest:

-          3v3 Arena Quest: 2 tokens

-          Monster Battle Arena Quest: 2 tokens

-          Territory War Quest: 4 tokens

-          Level 50 Trials Quests: 1 token

-          Level 55 Trials Quests: 2 tokens

-          Level 60 Trials Quests: 3 tokens

-          Level 65 Trials Quests: 4 tokens


Suggestion of rewards at the event merchant NPC:

-          Blueprint: Autumn Spirit (*): 100 tokens (+10 tokens for crafting)

-          White/Alpha NT exclusive pet: 50 tokens

-          Alpha NT fashion: 25tokens

-          Random Class Token Bag: 3 tokens

-          Random Fragment Bag (you get 1x fragment of Eden Crystal, Safety Stone or Wartsone): 3 tokens


(*) Main goal of the event, this blueprint can be used at the foundry to forge an item, let’s say by using 10 event token and 1 Warstone. The final item obtained could be a fashion or a funny thing.

By successful crafting, the player gets a title (that works like Legendary achievements and give +5 points in core stats (not too strong, but still fun)) and achievements points (3 points like an Event Boss).


Final word:

I find this event not so complicate to add in game, I know it may take some time to design it and test it, but I’ll love to play it!


It will allow all players, to connect and play each day to complete it, PvE only players and PvP players get rewards, achievements players get points, fashion victim players get NT pet and fashion, it gives class token and consumables fragments…


Please feel free to comment and critic this idea. I really hope we get some new event in game. I’m waiting to read all your ideas too!

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  • VGN GM
2 hours ago, Hecate said:

Autumn leaf event:

The issue with events like this is that it takes time away from game development as I'm the only one who is working on it and I would need to allocate time from making content, updating previous content, bug fixing and making altars. I also have to do the same as above (Asside from making altars for the Awaken server too). This is why events like this are usually saved for special occasions such as Christmas and Anniversaries.

Boss spawns are a slightly different story as they are much simpiler to create and take maybe a couple of hours.

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6 hours ago, Hecate said:

Event feedback: 

Thanks for your feedback, I know that always seeing the same event is boring, that's why I'm working on new ideas, and that's also why I've created this topic for you to give us your ideas.
I hope to make some big changes for the events this month.

Regarding your idea, I like it but as Jordan said we prefer to keep this for events like Christmas or something else.
For the Bosses, maybe I can see with Jordan to do it more often, with new or old Bosses. (I need to talk to him before haha)

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