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Patch v14

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Update Regarding Content

After reading the responses on the Future Content thread I have decided the next steps for Eden Eternal Classic.

We will be holding back the 70 cap content until early November in favour of making something special for the Halloween event. We will be trying to create something for you to all be doing during this time. I do not want to give out too much information on what I have planned but I feel like based on the suggestions on the Future Content thread, it's the content that people are looking for. The likely date for this would be the 15th of October due to my IRL schedule.



  • We've disabled Class Changing during 3v3 matches and 10v10 matches.
    • Note: You can still change class in the preparation zone.
  • Ormormu's 10v10 buffs can no longer be removed by Purifying Wind type skills.
    • Note: 10v10 Spawning changes and timer changes will come at a later date so they have more time to be tested.


Bug Fixes

  • You can no longer join guilds during Territory War regardless if the guild is in Territory War or not.
  • Trophy "Neondo's Imperial Contract" now reduces defense as intended.
  • Rank 21 in Elysian Island no longer recieves a reward as intended.


Text Updates

  • Fixed the item name of the following items:

 - Tornado Ring

  • Fixed the item description of the following items:

 - Sunrise Seraphic Wings (Prime)
 - Glory Gift Bag

  • Fixed the effect description of the following gears:

 - Tuka Tufa's Ice Breath
 - Scion's Bloodlust Fire
 - Garrot's Suzerainty
 - Bloodtooth Tor's Bugle
 - Robin's Control Rm Key
 - Bob Johnson's Creation
 - Banks Johnson's Escape Plan
 - Jala's Execution Decree
 - Garrot's Demon Heart
 - Loki's Jade Totem
 - Neondo's Imperial Contract
 - Valmar's Dark Pearl
 - Salvio's Silver Bag
 - Jiro's Eternal Heart
 - Ulicul's Love Charm
 - Guillaume's Soul Essence
 - Mosu's Stimulacuit
 - Yuhidor's Energy Core
 - Zagdon's Everlight
 - Gimu's Evil Eye
 - Rysel's Hurricane Egg
 - Torbado's Rainbow Scale
 - Dostriv's Clarion
 - Gazina's Flaming Cold Shell
 - Liyamu's Head
 - Tienro's Mystic Brick
 - Torreyace's Crystal Heart
 - Garson's Eye Drop
 - Doubledoor's Research Diary
 - Sagharra's Tasty Bone
 - Null Heart's Tentacle
 - Acilino's Fang
 - Glacial Barrier Cape
 - Saintly Knight Mantle
 - God Messenger Cloak
 - Almighty Cape
 - Shadow Sage Cloak
 - Star Servant Cloak
 - Ice Crystal Blessing
 - Honorable Knight Blessing
 - Bright Messenger Blessing
 - Divine Protection Blessing
 - Shadow Emperor Blessing
 - Celestial God Blessing
 - Dream Net Ring
 - Guardian Heart Ring
 - Dark Infernal Ring
 - Hegemony Ring
 - Devil Knightmare Ring
 - Spirit Howl Ring
 - Soul Territory Ring
 - Ancient Water Ring
 - Dark Shadow Ring
 - Sacred Shadow Ring
 - Devil Bell Ring
 - Holy Bell Ring
 - Dark Defender Necklace
 - Holy Defender Necklace
 - King Strike Necklace
 - King Journey Necklace
 - Lunar Halo Necklace
 - Broken Star Necklace
 - Deep Sorrow Necklace
 - Glitter Necklace
 - Sprint Necklace
 - Whiz Necklace
 - Magic Instruction Necklace
 - Guidance Springs Necklace
 - Infernal Soul Staff
 - Heaven Angel Staff
 - Demon Eye Shield
 - God's Eye Shield
 - Fire Elf Sculpture
 - Ice Elf Sculpture
 - Thunder Elf Sculpture
 - Nature Elf Sculpture
 - Darkness Elf Sculpture
 - Holy Light Elf Sculpture


Enjoy your Weekend ❤️

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