Trick or treat! classic (rewarded)

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Hello, Hello!
Today we meet to announce the big winners !
Some of them have missed a square near the great gift, what a pity for them :/

In any case, thank you all for all your participation, I have the impression that this new event has interested you enough. We'll do it again !

And here is the list of all the squares, with your participations ! (are noted your IGN)


A1 N/A Matt ; Armorius
A2 N/A Feeling
A3 15x Safety Stone Fragment Alpha
A4 1x Pumpkin Patch Hat    Kyoko
A5 10x Eden Crystal (NT)
A6 N/A
A7 15x Eden Crystal (NT)
A8 8x Eden Crystal (NT)    Jiahuren
A9 12x Eden Crystal (NT)
A10 N/A
B1 8x Eden Crystal (NT)
B2 15x Safety Stone Fragment
B3 20x Eden Crystal Fragment
B4 N/A
B5 N/A
B6 N/A
B7 1x Pumpkin Lantern (Prime)
B8 8x Eden Crystal (NT)
B9 N/A
B10 12x Eden Crystal (NT)
C1 8x Eden Crystal (NT)
C2 5x Fortification Random Chest
C3 N/A
C4 N/A
C5 N/A
C6 3x Random Charm Bag II
C7 10x Eden Crystal (NT)
C8 N/A Pemderix
C9 N/A EthanHunt
C10 N/A
D1 N/A
D2 N/A
D3 N/A
D4 8x Eden Crystal (NT)
D5 N/A
D6 12x Eden Crystal (NT)
D7 N/A Dudenk
D8 20x Eden Crystal Fragment DarkZood
D9 8x Eden Crystal (NT)
D10 N/A    Psyche
E1 N/A
E2 1x Lively Imp Lilith
E3 15x Safety Stone Fragment
E4 1x Sublime Safety Stone
E5 N/A Howl
E6 1x Mysterious Dark Witch's Threads (Prime)
E7 20x Eden Crystal Fragment Lena
E8 5x Fortification Random Chest
E9 5x 200 Honor Stars Chest
E10 N/A    Roosje
F1 N/A MariaJoana
F2 N/A
F3 N/A
F4 N/A Xaaron
F5 N/A Kensei
F6 8x Eden Crystal (NT)    Fer
F7 N/A
F8 10x Eden Crystal (NT)
F9 N/A
F10 3x Corona's Stardust Lv65
G1 5x Fortification Random Chest
G2 15x Safety Stone Fragment
G3 N/A
G4 1x Mystic Pumpkin Carriage (Prime) Arthur
G5 15x Eden Crystal (NT) Icey
G6 N/A Luxdrayn
G7 N/A Shiruku ; Krs
G8 1x Mysterious Dark Wizard's Garb (Prime)
G9 N/A    Aeri
G10 10x Eden Crystal (NT)
H1 N/A
H2 25x Eden Crystal (NT) Xciimo
H3 1x Corona's Heartflame Lv65
H4 3x Random Charm Bag I Hecate
H5 10x Eden Crystal (NT)
H6 N/A
H7 5x Fortification Random Chest Hazel
H8 N/A    Haani
H9 N/A    Walter
H10 N/A
I1 10x Eden Crystal (NT)
I2 N/A
I3 10x War Stone
I4 N/A    Waldorff
I5 15x Safety Stone Fragment Jult
I6 N/A
I7 N/A
I8 N/A
I9 N/A
I10 20x Eden Crystal Fragment
J1 N/A
J2 1x Golden Mummy Coffin (Prime)
J3 N/A
J4 N/A
J5 N/A
J6 1x Sublime Safety Stone
J7 8x Eden Crystal (NT)    Jake
J8 1x 200 Eternal Coins (NT)
J9 12x Eden Crystal (NT)
J10 N/A

You will receive your prizes in a few days.

See you soon!

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