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Patch V15


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Eden Eternal Classic's First Full Event!

Introducing Alice in Hallowland

We've created a fun new custom experiance for the players of the Classic server,

Many of you have came to me and asked about content that is similar to our Awaken server and I'm happy to announce that we are testing the waters with this event. We would appreciate feedback from the players of what they like and disliked about this dungeon!

The dungeon features both an Easy Mode and a Hard Mode to be accessible to all players no matter how geared or skilled they may be. There will also be an on-going event related to the Hard mode for the party who can get the best time/score!

Again we're very excited to see what you think and what roads we can take the Classic server down in the future!



Halloween Event Boss


<Devilish> Belle has appeared in Aven!

Defeat her to get a chance of obtaining your very own Devilish Belle pet!


Event Rewards

Exchange your collected Vendetta Halloween Token's  for tons of different prizes. We've brough all our custom line up from the awaken server so that Classic players can too have the custom costumes we have made!

Pssst Get Alpacaman!



Time Limited Cash Shop items

You will notice upon logining in there has been two changes made. The cash shop now has three mystery boxes in the Hot Item's section. These mystery boxes contain a custom mount from Aura Kingdom that is perfectly themed for Halloween and some pets that where recently brought to our Awaken server.

The other change you might notice is there is a new item on the crystal altar called Halloween Pet Soul. This item is used to transform your pets that you get from the event into full prime pets just like the Vendetta Upgrade Stone does for ingame costumes!


We hope you enjoy yourselves!

👻Merry Halloween👻

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