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Patch v132


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  • Various changes have been made to Dragon Valley and all 60+ dungeons to allow for more easier farming.
    • All monsters have had an increase in EXP upon kill
    • Note: There is a possibility you may receive negative EXP when killing certain mobs. This is due to the server rates being server side and the possibilty of it causing a server overflow when using max EXP buffs.
      • If this happens to you, please note down the monster name and let me know. While we tested for all possible exp buffs, it is possible we may have missed one.
  • Orenji should no longer cast Pit of Hell skill
  • Several items missed have been made stackable to 255
    • Including skill stones, narak relics, and more!
  • Nuclear Bunker and Al Kasava have been moved forward an hour to match the change with Daylight Savings
  • Disabled all hourly battlegrounds except Turnpike and Second Ark
    • Due to the overlapping times of the battlegrounds, and the inability to actually set our own times, I've disabled the 2 that cause the most issues.
    • These 2 will be rotated back in with due time and will only be rotated with others disabled - avoiding any overlapping BG timers.
  • A sale is going on in the cash shop! Get several items including Cyberskins and Warehouse codes up to 50% off!
  • Guardian Blessings (30d) will now prevent EXP loss on death!


  • An Infectious Hoard has invaded Enocia, and Maximillian is in need of your assistance!

This event will go on till the 19th of November!
Please be sure to use all crafting items before the 19th's maintenance!


  • Talk with Maximillian in Enocia for the start of the daily quests to receive dungeon entry items and other various goodies!



  • Take on the over run Research Station's dungeons and fight off the hoards of infected!
    • Earn loads of EXP, items and and clear out the infected for Maximillian and his team!
    • Dungeon entrance items can be obtained by completing Maximillian's daily quests, participating in Battlegrounds (AK/NB included), and by obtaining more through the dungeon itself!

  • While the Research team tried their best to contain the spread, they unfortunately escape outside Enocia as well!
    • The hoard and their great mound of flesh will be roaming around Enocia 4 times daily!
    • They'll spawn at: 3:00, 9:00, 15:00, 17:00 server time!
      • If the full first wave is defeated within 10 minutes, another will spawn right after!
      • These will continue to spawn every 10 minutes for over 30 total minutes.
  • With all your Sweeties collected, be sure to head over to Marvin to trade them for useful items!
  • During your adventure, you'll find some special limited achievement items to give you some nifty new titles!
    • Please be aware, these items may appear like normal trash items. Check your items before you sell them!



  • Several server side issues have been fixed and should clear up some in-game bugs some people have been receiving.
    • For example, players should no longer have a mysteriously full inbox!
  • Fixed several small bugs scattered through out the game
  • Fixed several quests with no trackers or incorrect movement locations
  • Fixed the Mereholt, Barbiron, Agoge skill chips of those who have faction changed.
  • The Archeron in Amara will now take you to the correct versions of the dungeon.
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