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Patch v16


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We've added some new character customization options. If there is something you want added please head over to this thread:



  • Reduced <Devilish> Belle's HP.
    • Sorry put an extra 0 at th end, my bad!
  • Added 10 new hair colours!
  • Added 7 new eye colours!
  • Added the following drops to level 50 trials:
    • <Vileshark Advisor> Charles - Blueprint: Blood Frost True Katana
    • <Carmela Supervisor> Kenny - Blueprint: Mad Berserker
    • <Mining Mushroid King> Mori Mori - Blueprint: Moon Luster True Katana
    • <Eagle Gang Fighter> Quade - Blueprint: Titan's Tears
  • Added the following drops to level 55 trials:
    • <Abyss Sin> Haslett - Blueprint: Sakura Scar True Katana
    • <Wolfeye Advisor> Chino - Blueprint: Destruction
    • <Chaos Theory> Robo VT080 - Blueprint: Storm Mania True Katana
    • <Dark Marsh Witch> Angela - Blueprint: End of Suffering




Bug Fixes

  • Removed "Santa's Gift Box" drop from Tranquil Hill.


Nice Day!

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