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Arena Reward Medals


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So I've noticed since the changes to class swapping during active rounds of 3v3 and 10v10, it has prevented people from switching to classes at the end of the match to get the medals they are trying to farm. Because of this change paired with the inactivity period of the server, people are not queueing arena as much (aside from people farming 10v10 with mules).

A simple solution to this would be to change the rewards of the arena that we receive through the mail. Instead of getting 3 medals of the class we're currently on from a 10v10 victory, change it to 3 of an item that can be placed into arcane box and redeemed for a medal that we can select. By doing this, it would remove the fuss of "not being able to change class" because it would not matter anymore.

Hopefully a small change like this could be implemented, it would promote doing arena to farm arena medals again (most people are just doing 0/10s now and abusing rankings for blueprints).

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