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change 2H weapon costumes to match equipped weapon animations


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hello, 2H weapons are very clunky and the animations are kinda awful TBH. it was a huge qol improvement to fix the casting animations for 1H weapon primes, which are still the preferred weapon costume types as it seems nobody likes the 2H ones because of the animations. i am suggesting that the animations for 2H weapon costumes be changed to match those of staves, the animations are widely liked as its common for ppl to leave their staff showing when playing magic classes anyway. the new 2H weapon costumes added to diamond altar and archive (looking at you shining starlight staff) look really cool, it'd be nice to be able to use them with better animations.


edited title to match matt's suggestion to this, which i think is better overall. 

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Instead of changing the animations to staff only, have a check added to the game if possible that determines which animations you use based on what weapons you use. Katana, axe, greatsword, etc., would use what we're using now and if it's a staff/grim/guitar use the other animations.


Not sure if that is possible but hopefully it is.

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