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Xmas Grid (Rewarded)


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Hello, hello, hello! And happy holidays to all!
Today I'm here to announce the winners and all the squares! (are noted your IGN)

Your rewards will be sent to you in a few days!


A1 N/A
A2 3x Gear Fortification Bag II
A3 15x Eden Gem (NT) ElMandy ; MeiTerumi
A4 N/A Ragnera
A5 N/A
A6 15x Eden Gem (NT)
A7 20x Eden Gem (NT) RikoudoPain
A8 N/A Dolphinz
A9 1x Robust Santa
A10 N/A NoCap
B1 N/A
B2 N/A Nullify ; jeejaa
B3 N/A
B4 N/A
B5 N/A North44 ; MrCrystalMaiden ; GeraltOfRivia
B6 12x Eden Crystal (NT) Buppa
B7 3x Random Charm Bag III (NT) Pristina
B8 N/A Bulle
B9 N/A BlackHeart
B10 3x Gear Fortification Bag III
C1 N/A
C2 10x Eden Crystal (NT) Risama ; Stoma
C3 N/A Percy
C4 10x Eden Crystal (NT) DoomPride ; Hasiru
C5 12x Eden Crystal (NT)
C6 N/A FairyFloss ; Lianyue ; Galaxy
C7 8x Eden Crystal (NT) Khidel
C8 N/A Gintoking
C9 N/A
C10 25x Eden Crystal (NT)
D1 15x Eden Gem (NT)
D2 10x Eden Crystal (NT)
D3 1x Gear Fortification Bag I (NT)
D4 N/A Mozzarella ; DragonKnight
D5 N/A Lerciar
D6 N/A Jinnytty ; Yahuda
D7 N/A MoXiao ; Jojolion
D8 15x Eden Crystal (NT) Soul
D9 1x Gear Fortification Bag I (NT)
D10 8x Eden Crystal (NT) Azelfin
E1 N/A Calidum ; Remember ; Mors
E2 N/A Amaris
E3 N/A Gerlokx
E4 2x Event Point Aprelskaya
E5 5x Random Charm Bag I (NT) Koronero
E6 8x Eden Crystal (NT)
E7 N/A Rebon ; Beelzébuth
E8 10x Eden Crystal (NT)
E9 N/A
E10 N/A Zygard
F1 3x Gear Reset Chest
F2 15x Eden Gem (NT)
F3 N/A
F4 N/A warbeast
F5 N/A Zaihai
F6 1x Snowy Christmas Sleigh (Legendary) eaJ ; Sterling ; Trancer ; KuromeRin ; YUKIONA
F7 N/A
F8 N/A InOrbit
F9 15x Eden Crystal (NT) Hyndraa
F10 N/A
G1 12x Eden Crystal (NT) Daddy
G2 5x Random Charm Bag II (NT) TheLastTrick ; Shinghie
G3 N/A
G4 N/A Mark ; ChronosK ; Belixa ; Yuuki214 ; Shokolada
G5 1x Eden Star Diamond (NT)
G6 N/A Scarose
G7 N/A
G8 N/A Mina ; kushana ; Ramira ; lRioNl
G9 10x Eden Crystal (NT) Poochie
G10 N/A Ravens
H1 N/A
H2 5x Random Charm Bag I (NT) Bearto
H3 N/A
H4 N/A
H5 1x Mysterious Xmas Suit (Legendary) Apperu ; Ptuga
H6 8x Eden Crystal (NT) Sward
H7 N/A
H8 20x Eden Gem (NT) Rezki
H9 8x Eden Crystal (NT)
H10 12x Eden Crystal (NT)
I1 N/A GuGuOwl
I2 8x Eden Crystal (NT)
I3 1x Robust Christmas Yui Nayxa
I4 1x Corona's Heartflame Lv120 (NT) Qhaw
I5 20x Eden Gem (NT) Somali
I6 15x Eden Gem (NT)
I7 1x Event Point
I8 1x Mysterious Xmas Dress (Legendary)
I9 5x Random Charm Bag I (NT) DarkSector
I10 20x Eden Gem (NT) Atreyous
J1 8x Eden Crystal (NT)
J2 N/A
J3 8x Eden Crystal (NT)
J4 N/A Mei
J5 10x Eden Crystal (NT)
J6 N/A yamite
J7 N/A Luci_1982
J8 N/A PrincessLuna ; NoMercy
J9 5x Random Charm Bag I (NT) lSundae
J10 N/A brownjack

Disqualified : Dugz ; Azelfin

Congratulations to you and see you soon!

Edited by Herakles
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