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Patch v19


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Christmas Promotions

  • You can claim a free gift package from the Events page!


  • The following Mystery Boxes are available in the Item Mall until Thursday 7th January 2021.
    • Nine Tail Fox Mystery Box.
    • Flame Tiger Mystery Box.
    • Wishful Christmas Sleigh Mystery Box.
    • Snowy Christmas Sleigh Mystery Box.
    • Warm Christmas Sleigh Mystery Box.
    • Yui Mystery Box.
    • Christmas Yui Mystery Box.
    • Golden Ball Lele Mystery Box.
    • Snow Ball Lele Mystery Box.
    • Tiger Cub Haku Mystery Box.




  • There will be a single Diamond Altar rotation this week and another single rotation next week both with all new and unreleased costumes to celebrate the holidays!


  • Aven has been decorated with some nice decorations and will play some festive music so make sure to turn your game music on!




Event Point Box

  • Abyss Evil Wings and Dark Knight Evil Wings have been added to the Prize Pool of the Event Point Mystery Box!




Happy Holidays Eden Eternal Classic!

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