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Patch v135


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For a limited time, you can claim a free gift set of the Events page of the Scarlet Blade website!

Milk and Cookies x2
Winter Coat x2
XXXmas Hypovial x2
Peppermint Candy x2
Coal x5
Pet Skin: Ice Cold Beetle



This event will be active till January 7th, 2021!

  • The infection discovered by Sinclair and her team has been found to spread over to  Mereholt!
    • Giant trees have sprouted along Mereholt and are proving to be a major concern for the local ecology!
    • Help Sinclair by chopping these trees and kill the infection before it spreads any more!
      • Talk to Sinclair in Bitterstone Base and Santa's Elf for various daily and repeatable quests you can complete over the course of the event!
      • Various level monsters will spawn all through Mereholt ranging from levels 29-70!
      • Kill the Gigas Evergreens, Krampus (60+), Wendigo (60+), or Chenoo (60+) to win exclusive Christmas goodies, like the boss's pet skin, or costumes like Unique Santa's Helper!
      • After defeating those trees, you may obtain some Coal which can be used to craft all sorts of items!
      • Use this thread as a guide for hints on their locations and spawn times!



  • Infection or not, Mereholt has been decorated to fit the holiday vibe!
    • Trees have been placed all over base and all over Mereholt!

  • Wanted List Registrations have had a slight change!
    • Bronze tier Wanteds now require 30g to be staked on the player
    • Silver tier Wanteds now require 70g to be staked on the player
    • Gold tier Wanteds now require 100g to be staked on the player


  • Al Kasava's Time has been adjusted
    • Both Saturday and Wednesday's AK will begin at 17:00 Server Time
      • We're in the process of testing out different time frames for eac AK, so this may not be permanent and may change again!
      • Urka's Spawn time has also been adjusted


  • Saphire Cruiser MK-III can now be traded




  • Various New Costumes have been added
    • Green Virgin Killer
    • Tan Virgin Killer
    • White Virgin Killer
    • Yellow Virgin Killer
    • Purple Virgin Killer
    • Unique Reindeer Facepaint
    • Unique Snowflake Facepaint
    • Unique Santa's Lil' Helper
    • Unique Holiday Boxers
    • Warm Christmas Elf
    • Comfy Christmas Elf




  • Various New Pet Skins have been added
    • These can be obtained in the christmas event!
      • Krampus
      • Chenoo
      • Wendigo
      • Evergreen
      • Ice Cold Beetle


* Please note, we are aware that the New Years Cocktail and Milk and Cookies will overwrite each other. This will be fixed with our next maintenance.

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