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Volcanic Altar Expedition

Take an aventure into the Volcanic Altar and take on Borsey in her fiery lair.



We've updated the rewards for defeating Borsey which includes increasing the rates of the mount!

The new reward table is as follows:

  • Dragon Treasure: Tarragon Horns
  • Eternal Flame Thorn Dragon
  • Eternal Flame Thorn Dragon (1-Day)
  • Sublime Safety Stone (NT)
  • Formula: Ultramarine Halycon Stone
  • Formula: Coral Halycon Stone
  • Devil Soul Jade
  • Chaos Element
  • Kaia Seed
  • Alpaca King Metal
  • Alpaca King Jade
  • Alpaca King Gem



Wedding System

Confess your love and get married!




Cash Shop Updates

  • Updated the price of All Gathering Tools from 450 AP to 300 AP.
  • Updated the price of All Dyes from 250 AP to 200 AP.
  • Updated the price of All White Grade Pet's from 400 AP to 150 AP.
  • Updated the price of All Alpha Grade Pet's from 800 AP to 400 AP.
  • Updated the price of the Auric Jewel from 700 AP to 500 AP.
  • Updated the price of the Iris Jewel from 250 AP to 200 AP.
  • Updated the price of All Eternal Talisman I's from 100 AP to 75 AP.
  • Updated the price of All Eternal Talisman II's from 225 AP to 150 AP.
  • Updated the price of All Regular Charm I's from 75 AP to 25 AP.
  • Updated the price of All Regular Charm II's from 150 AP to 75 AP.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the Robust Tiger Cub Haku's Movement Speed Pray.
  • Fixed the Double Hit part of the pet skill Falling Cherry Blossom.
  • Added the Halloween Event Ghost Alpaca (Prime) mount to the archive.


Text Updates

  • Updated the description of the following pet skills:

     - Slam
     - Resonating Blow
     - Earth Shock
     - Winter's Chill
     - Magic Blockade
     - Swift Attack
     - Ambush
     - Collapsing Blow
     - Spirit Scar
     - Light's Sanction
     - Vocal Bomb
     - Rage of Storms
     - Resistance Collapse
     - Deadly Icicle
     - Nightmare Attack
     - Frenzied Flurry
     - Unstoppable
     - Illusionary Strike
     - Champion's Stance
     - Flame Brand
     - Frost Might
     - Sanctum Response
     - Arc Paralysis
     - Battle Wounds
     - Dark Smile
     - Fatality Blade
     - Falling Cherry Blossom
     - Destroy Armor
     - Shadowless Sword
     - Sacred Barrier
     - Nameless Aura

  • Updated the material text on the following items:

    - Formula: Energy Explosion Potion Lv4
    - Formula: Mana Explosion Potion Lv4
    - Formula: Life Support Potion Lv4
    - Formula: Energy Support Potion Lv4
    - Formula: Complete Support Potion Lv4
    - Formula: Quick Recovery Potion Lv4
    - Formula: Malice Ward Lv4
    - Formula: Strength Potion Lv4
    - Formula: Agility Potion Lv4
    - Formula: Intelligence Potion Lv4
    - Formula: Wisdom Potion Lv4
    - Formula: Luck Potion Lv4
    - Formula: Fire Resistance Potion Lv4
    - Formula: Ice Resistance Potion Lv4
    - Formula: Lightning Resistance Potion Lv4
    - Formula: Nature Resistance Potion Lv4
    - Formula: Holy Resistance Potion Lv4
    - Formula: Dark Resistance Potion Lv4
    - Formula: Slash Resistance Potion Lv4
    - Formula: Strike Resistance Potion Lv4
    - Formula: Pierce Resistance Potion Lv4
    - Formula: Energy Explosion Potion Lv5
    - Formula: Mana Explosion Potion Lv5
    - Formula: Complete Support Potion Lv5
    - Formula: Quick Recovery Potion Lv5
    - Formula: Strength Potion Lv5
    - Formula: Agility Potion Lv5
    - Formula: Intelligence Potion Lv5
    - Formula: Wisdom Potion Lv5
    - Formula: Luck Potion Lv5


Happy Hunting!

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