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Crystal Altar Suggestions


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Sakura Umbrella (Prime) ✔️08/19/21

Celestial Princess Wand (Prime) ✔️09/02/21

Buttermilk Silk Umbrella (Prime) ✔️09/09/21

Pink Angel Rapier (Prime)

Pink Blazeblight Cestus (Prime)

Nightshade Scythe (Prime)



Mysterious Blossom Spiral Blush (Prime)   ✔️08/21/21

Mysterious Fox Mask (Prime)  ✔️08/28/21



Mysterious Crown (Prime) ✔️08/26/21

Mysterious Pastry Chef's Toque (Prime) ✔️09/04/21

Mysterious Mini Top Hat (Prime)✔️08/23/21

Mysterious Innocent Maid Headband (Prime) ✔️09/23/21

Mysterious Hair Bow (Prime)✔️10/04/21

Mysterious Earmuffs (Prime)  ✔️09/11/21

Nightmare Bunny Ears (Prime)



Mysterious Sweetheart Lollipop (Prime)✔️08/30/21



Divine Seraph's Wings (Prime)✔️09/06/21

Vengeful Seraph's Wings (Prime)



Mysterious Cute Nightie (Prime) ✔️08/30/21

Mysterious Nutcracker Soldier (Prime)  ✔️09/04/21

Mysterious Summer Dress (Prime) ✔️08/19/21

Mystic Gothic Corset  ✔️09/11/21

Hello Kitty: Melody Maid (Prime)

Mysterious Alpaca Wool Cloak (Prime) ✔️09/13/21

Mysterious Heavy Metal Rockette

Mysterious Chastity's Hood (Prime)



Robust Persian Cat ✔️08/23/21



Skypuff Alpaca (Legendary)



I know some of these won't show up on Crystal altar and only show up in Diamond altar or mystery boxes, but just general suggestions for those in future, thanks.

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Hello, I have pet suggestions for pet altars. Due to it being a later cap in classic's lifespan and other mystery box and diamond altar pets being introduced, the list of regular pets that are useful for skills or fusing dwindle greatly and these are the "cream of the crop" that would be along the lines of what players would be looking for on a crystal altar nowadays.

  • Mischievous Cupid Doll / Lively Cupid Doll ✔️09/06/21
  • Mischievous Imp Lilith / Lively Imp Lilith
  • Parlay Piggy Pirate / Magic Piggy Pirate
  • Ninja Master / Intelligent Kuo
  • Mischievous Mersprite / Peppy Mersprite
  • Handsome Lionknight Rolland / Fearless Lionknight Rolland
  • Fierce Zashiki Warashi / Reverent Zashiki Warashi
  • Indomitable Sprite Princess Alyssa / Glitzy Sprite Princess Alyssa ✔️10/16/21
  • Fierce Catmaiden Fiona / Wise Catmaiden Fiona  ✔️09/23/21
  • Dexterous Magical Doll Palom / Spectral Magical Doll Palom
  • Swift Akazukin Lala / Crafty Akazukin Lala

Regular suggestions

  • Corrupt Minidemon's Wings (Prime)
  • Spirit of Glossy Black Alpaca (Prime)✔️10/07/21
  • Magic Energy Wings (Prime)
  • Mysterious Strawberry Jam Sandwich
  • Mewsterious Marielle Kitty Hat (Prime)
  • Mysterious Jade Mask ✔️09/13/21
  • Dream Alpaca Mallet (Prime)
  • Lifesaber (Prime)✔️
  • Fork (Prime)
  • Knife (Prime)
  • Carnation Cane (Prime)
  • Savory Skewer (Prime)
  • Mysterious Prep Girl / Mysterious Prep Guy ✔️09/27/21
  • Milky Glaze Fins (Prime)
  • Sakura Gauze Fins (Prime)
  • Sheer Glimmer Fins (Prime)
  • Strawberry Fish-Shaped Cake (Prime)
  • School Beret (Prime)
  • Mysterious Royal Floret Hairpin / Mysterious Royal Knight Hairpin
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Some items my friend and I are especially wanting

  • Sleek Kitsu Ears Set (Prime)
  • Mysterious Alpaca Wool Cloak (Prime) ✔️09/13/21
  • Shadow Kitty Ears (Prime)  ✔️ 
  • Mystic Gothic Corset  ✔️09/11/21
  • Mysterious Summer Dress (Prime)
  • Mysterious Desert Rose Dress (Prime)
  • Dancer's Dragon-scaled Bedlah (Prime)
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Body Costumes
Mysterious Olympic Competitor Tee / Cheerio Skirt
Mysterious American Olympic Garb / Olympic Skirt
Mysterious Spanish Olympic Garb / Olympic Skirt
Mysterious Brazilian Olympic Garb / Olympic Skirt
Mysterious Portuguese Olympic Garb / Olympic Skirt
Mysterious Chinese Olympic Garb / Olympic Skirt
Mysterious Thai Olympic Garb / Olympic Skirt
Mysterious Malaysian Olympic Garb / Olympic Skirt
Mysterious Japanese Olympic Garb / Olympic Skirt
Mysterious Hong Kong Olympic Garb / Olympic Skirt
Mysterious Korean Olympic Garb / Olympic Skirt
Mysterious German Crimson/White/Black Olympic Garb / Olympic Skirt
Mysterious French White/Cobalt Olympic Garb / Olympic Skirt
Mysterious British Olympic Garb / Olympic Skirt
Mysterious Butler / Maid ✔️10/11/21
Mysterious Men's Yukata / Mysterious Women's Kimono
Mysterious Prep Guy / Prep Girl ✔️09/27/21
Mysterious Gothic Suit / Mysterious Gothic Corset  ✔️09/11/21
Mysterious Hoodie / Mysterious Day-Off Combo  ✔️ 
Mysterious Courtier Garb / Militissa Ensemble
Mysterious Masquerade Suit / Dress

A suggestion for the olympic costumes would put them into boxes based on gender. ^_^

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