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Crystal Altar Suggestions

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Please leave your suggestions for the Crystal Altar.

Remember to submit the correct name of the item when posting! Also remember to specify if it is prime or alpha.


Please be sure to leave your suggestions here again if you're still looking for them!
Once posted, please do not keep spamming posts or bumping your post!


Your posts may be edited to add the date in which the item was/should be on the altar.

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some are personal favorites I'd like to have, some are desirable items, some are unrollable by tritiums or simply unreleased thus far but good future altar fillers. items that are separate for different sexes are listed female first, male second. no I can't make any simple short lists ever but if I had to pick just a few things it'd be

  • Knife (Prime)
  • Plumed Fan (Prime)
  • Golden Conquest Wings (Prime)
  • Mysterious Guerilla Threads (Prime) / Mysterious Guerilla Garb (Prime)
  • Mysterious Sultry Succubus Wig (Prime) / Mysterious Suave Incubus Wig (Prime)





  • Enchanting Mini Top Hat (Alpha)
  • Red Hair Bow (Alpha)
  • Shadow Kitsu Ears Set (Alpha)
  • Crimson Rose Eye Patch (Alpha)
  • Thumperina Backpack (Alpha)
  • Tempest Lazurite Wings (Alpha)
  • Dew Lazurite Wings (Alpha)
  • Dawn Tendril Fan (Alpha)
  • Scarlet Sorceress' Apprentice Threads (Alpha) / Forest Sorcerer's Apprentice Garb (Alpha)
  • Battle Bandit Queen's Gear (Alpha) / Battle Brigand King Gear (Alpha)
  • Passionate Magic Princess Gown (Alpha) / Henning Magic Garb (Alpha)
  • Warm Alpaca Wool Cloak (Alpha) / Warm Alpaca Wool Cape (Alpha)
  • Ice Blue Guerilla Threads (Alpha) / Ice Blue Guerilla Garb (Alpha)
  • Mysterious Luscious Kimono (Alpha) / Pure Kimono (Alpha)
  • Yeehaw Cowgirl Getup (Alpha) / Yeehaw Cowboy Suit (Alpha)
  • Blaze Fiery Battle Threads (Alpha) / Blaze Fiery Battle Robe (Alpha)
  • Flush Vixen Dress (Alpha) / Regal Wolf King Suit (Alpha)
  • Navy Eagle Threads (Alpha) / Navy Eagle Garb (Alpha)
  • Resplendent Yukata (Alpha) / Casual Yukata (Alpha)
  • Eden Spectacles (Alpha)
  • Broken Devil Arrow (Alpha)
  • Draconic Rime Scythe (Alpha)
  • Scythe of Judgement (Alpha)
  • Joyful Beer Can (Alpha)
  • Wildberry Bubble Lollipop (Alpha)
  • Azura Fish Fin Earrings (Alpha)
  • Shoreline Fish Fin Earrings (Alpha) ((Not sure why these earrings were designated Head lol))





  • Mysterious Bubble Lollipop (Prime)
  • Mysterious Fish Fin Earrings (Prime)
  • Mysterious Pastry Chef's Toque (Prime)
  • Mysterious Bridal Bloom's Coronet (Prime)
  • Striped Valkyrie Siren Helmet (Prime) / Midnight Sleek Wig (Prime)
  • Mysterious Royal Floret Hairpin (Prime) / Mysterious Royal Knight Hairpin (Prime)
  • Mysterious Fiesty Noble's Wig (Prime) / Mysterious Elegant Noble's Trouse (Prime)
  • Mysterious Sultry Succubus Wig (Prime) / Mysterious Suave Incubus Wig (Prime)
  • Mysterious Bridesmaid's Updo (Prime) / Mysterious Groomsman's Chapeau (Prime)
  • Mysterious Meow Ear Beanie (Prime) / Mysterious Cat Ear Beanie (Prime)
  • Mysterious Guerilla Threads (Prime) / Mysterious Guerilla Garb (Prime)
  • Mysterious Militissa Ensemble (Prime) / Mysterious Courier Garb (Prime)
  • Mysterious Whipped Cream Dream Dress (Prime) / Mysterious Modern Elegance Suit (Prime)
  • Mysterious Chastity's Hood (Prime) / Mysterious Lone Wolf Gunslinger's Garb (Prime)
  • Lipstick Mark (Prime)
  • Halo
  • Mysterious Blossom Spiral Blush (Prime)
  • Mysterious Rosy Spiral Blush (Prime)
  • Mysterious School Beret (Prime)
  • Golden Conquest Wings (Prime)
  • Large White Angel Wings (Prime)
  • Dark Templar Cape (Prime)
  • Sunstreaked Film Fins (Prime)
  • Shadow Kitty Ears (Prime)





  • Plumed Fan (Prime)
  • Shadow Lord Sickle (Prime)
  • Red Shadow Lord Sickle (Prime)
  • Thunderstorm Greatblade (Prime)
  • Freshet Monarch Fan (Prime)
  • Fork (Prime)
  • Knife (Prime)
  • Azure Night Bow (Prime)
  • Mysterious Rhythmic Clapper (Prime)






  • Celestial Phoenix Warrior (Prime)
  • Shadowy Phoenix (Prime)
  • Alpaca Hot Air Balloon (Prime)
  • Gleaming Alpaca (Prime)






  • Include 60-69 Gear Upgrade Suggestion Reset Scrolls occasionally (for 65 awaken weapons)
  • Downgrade Scroll -1
  • Stardust-centric altars more often (Like this one from 9/12/20)
  • Pet-centric altars (Pet unbind, Pet battle/skill theory, Pet conversion fruit, useful pet items etc)
  • Starlight costume dyes (as no one takes them on the diamond altar)



Recolors/EE items not yet in archive:

  • Moonlight Kitty Ears
  • Moonlight Kitty
  • Mysterious Brown Scottish Fold Ears
  • Mysterious Black Scottish Fold Ears
  • Brown Bunny Ears
  • Delicate White Bunny Ears
  • Strawberry Vanilla Popsicle
  • Chocolate Chip Popsicle
  • Mysterious Gray Cat Hat
  • Mysterious Brown Cat Hat
  • Mysterious Bear Earmuffs - Jessie / Mysterious Bear Earmuffs - Elis
  • Mysterious Chic Shades / Mysterious Swanky Shades
  • Mysterious Sakura Hairpin / Mysterious Ronin Hairpiece
  • Lady Bunny Wig / Gentlemen Rabbit Wig
  • Peacock Feather Mask
  • Ice Crystal Wings
  • Six-Winged Angel
  • Eden Eternal Party Balloon
  • Mysterious Pink Leopard Cloak / Mysterious Grey Leopard Cape
  • Mysterious Brown Leopard Cloak / Mysterious Brown Leopard Cape
  • Mysterious Beach Bikini / Mysterious Beach Shorts
  • Mysterious Royal Guard Dress / Mysterious Royal Guard Robe
  • Mysterious Sakura Kimono / Mysterious Ronin Phantom Costume
  • Mysterious Bunny Jacket / Mysterious Stylish Jacket
  • Mysterious Leather And Lace Dress / Mysterious Bad Boy Armor (Legendary recolor)
  • Cupid's Bow (Legendary recolor)
  • Azure Night Bow (Legendary recolor)
  • Soul Sickle (Legendary recolor)
  • Crystal Wand (Legendary recolor)
  • Blissful Guitar (Legendary recolor)
  • Rock'n Rose (Legendary recolor)
  • Murasame (Legendary recolor)
  • Celestial Princess Wand (Legendary recolor)
  • Royal Guard Pike
  • Glass Wing Staff
  • Gold Lifesaber
  • Gold Dual Lifesaber
  • Golden Sabreflame Slasher
  • Strawberry Umbrella
  • Shell Shield
  • Watermelon Slicesword
  • Provoked Katana
  • Fantasy Popsicle Stick
  • Invisible Katana
  • Alice's Lollipop Club
  • Hanga's Weeding Gloves
  • Defibrillation Hammer



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