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Level 70 S-Trials & Awaken Armor!


Today we are releasing the long awaited 70 S-Trials and the level 70 Awaken Armor sets!

As we did with the level 70 Content we completely re-wrote all Trophies and Awaken Armor effects to clear up any typo's that where present. I would like to state that the only change that was made was a bug fix to the Awaken Saint's Prestige set where it's Triple Hit effect would only work on basic attacks. It will now work on skills like the pre-awaken set does!

The new trials will be open on the standard days as they where on our Awaken Server!


Tuesday & Friday

Trial: Vileshark HQ S
Trial: Ulta Hall S
Trial: Angor S
Trial: Ft Verdure S

Wednesday & Saturday

Trial: Baltaroi C. S
Trial: Veninfang S
Trial: Tasos Channel S
Trial: Shale Cavern S

Thursday & Sunday

Trial: Crimson S
Trial: Century S
Trial: Manor S
Trial: Eroda S
Trial: Morticora S

We've added the Mysterious Inlay Merchant to the drop table of the Enchanted Merchant Mysterious Box 5. So level 4 gem's should be much more common for your Awaken Armor!

For a guide on the Awaken Armor and their quests:




  • Added Shinfeiz Class EXP Quests!
    • Head over to Aven (X:212, Y:440) to begin the quests!



  • A long awaited change of adding 2 more Gear Swap Slots has been added to the game!
    • Note: Due to the complexity of the change (Thanks XL) we have had to reset all Gear Swap Slots.


  • We've updated the casting animation of the following 2HD Weapon Costumes to play the animations of a Staff rather than the animations of a Greatsword!

    - Dazzling Candy Cane
    - Multihue Bubble
    - Dragon Tipped Staff
    - Spun Sugar Whisk
    - Celestial Princess Wand
    - Cherry Blossom Staff
    - Holy Antler Staff
    - Dream Monarch Staff
    - Ice Crystal Staff
    - Dark Crystal Staff
    - Star Sickle
    - Shining Starlight Staff
    - Purple Angelic Staff
    - Redheart Angelic Staff
    - Divine Diamond Scepter
    - Diabolic Diamond Scepter






  • We've updated the following dungeons to have Class Medals drop from bosses!

    - [Added] Centry Abyss
    - [Added] Rage Cape
    - [Added] Guillotine
    - [Added] Gristle Prison
    - [Updated] Skleros's Ice Abyss
    - [Updated] Windsnap Lair
    - [Updated] Sturmfrau
    - [Updated] Colossal Cauldron
    - [Updated] Basel Border
    - [Removed] Federal Armory
    - [Removed] Manor
    - [Removed] Vortek
    - [Removed] Soulmor Falls


  • We've updated Hammer gear upgrade options to include the following stats:
    • P-ATK, M-ATK, ATK SPD and P-CRIT Rate!
  • We've updated Gun gear upgrade options to include the following stats:
    • M-ATK and M-CRIT Rate!



Have fun!

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