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I've been noticing this for a long time now, but whoever is making the altars is not keeping track of what's been on there when and now many times. We're getting stuff like the normal hoodies, cupid bow, and certain pets going up there 2-4 times when there's still primes of stuff that has NEVER been on altar...I'm not really sure what's going on and I know server activity is down, but please. There's no reason for the prime and alpha of the same pet to be taking 4 places on the altar. This isn't even a themed altar for v day either, like there's other weapons  that haven't been up there, body primes, and mounts that could have been used. Why not have the wedding stuff be the v day altar as that is more in line with Love and is just overall better. This altar is just an amalgamation of not trying as have been a number of recent altars. 

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  • VGN GM

This is why the suggestion thread was opened to allow for suggestions for the altar.

The Cupid Bow was last on the altar 16 weeks ago according to my files and the wedding stuff was on the altar at the weekend for Valentines. Yes we could have put more wedding stuff on this week but we thought the Cupid pets would be relevant aswell as a Cupid Bow which is love related.

Head over to the suggestions thread and suggest anything thats been missed and it will be put at sometime or another as asside from weeks like this where the altars are themed we usually try to build a theme around suggestions that have been made.

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