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Patch v24


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We will be extending the Valentines and Chinese New Year Mystery Boxes for 1 more week. So make sure to grab them while you can!


New Player Changes

We've made some minor changes to assist newer players who are migrating here from Aeria!

  • We've rebalanced the EXP table for all levels to remove any choke points when leveling up. These EXP tables are based on our Awaken Server and should result in mostly smooth leveling by questing.
  • We've reduced the price back to normal on the Awaken Level 65 Weapon Books.
  • We've implemented the free portal stone buff for all characters who are below level 61.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the walking issue with custom imported mounts!
  • Fixed the default name for the Valentines Pets!
    • Note: This will only fix newly bound pets.
  • Fixed a typo on the Elysian Island information box.
  • Fixed the item name and description for Random Class Costume Dye Capsule (Body).



Enjoy Eden Eternal Classic!

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