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Regarding Donations

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  • VGN GM

Hello everyone!


Over the last week, PGC has been struggling with the loss of their webservers following a fire in the datacenter that hosted them.

Because they are our only method of donation, we will be holding off on updating altars and mystery boxes for all games until payments can be restored.

Unfortunately, we do not have an time frame as to when that is, though we do hope it can be fixed on their end as soon as possible.


We have been reassured that no customer data has been lost, only the software that ran the webservers and their backups were lost. So any cards that were purchased and unused prior to the fire will still be there when their website comes back up.

Since we do not know when PGC will be back up and running, mystery boxes and altars may update after maintenance (if not with maintenance).  If they do, I'll reply to this post as well as announce in game that they have been updated.


We apologize for any inconvenience this will have caused and we thank you for your patience while we wait for PGC to sort everything back out.

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  • VGN GM

PGC is back online!

Their website is fully functional and back with a new design as well!


Their API has had a complete overhaul! You no longer need your username or password to redeem the cards, but they may take a bit longer to reflect on your account. Please give up to 10 minutes for the purchases to appear on your account.


Any card that would have expired during this downtime has had their duration extended to April 3rd. If your card was already expired prior to this downtime or will expire after this time frame, please contact PGC for assistance.


As an apology from PGC as well, all cards purchased for this weekend only will receive a 20% discount! This sale will end on Monday, March 22nd, so get some at a discounted rate while you can!


Mystery boxes for Eden Eternal and Scarlet Blade have been updated, and altars will be updated for Eden Eternal and Eden Eternal Classic shortly!

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