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Just to start off this topic I want to apologise to the Eden Eternal Classic playerbase for our in-ability to provide any updates for the past 2 months. As mentioned in the announcement by Bash we had lost our development machines for Eden Eternal and Scarlet Blade. Only last Thursday did I get my machine back to begin working on patches again.

We have applied a small overhaul to our Crystal Altar for Eden Eternal Classic. Check out the Crystal Altar Updates for more information on the changes.



Anniversary Event

Golden Child Yuuki has appeared in Aven (X:449,Y:525)!


Make sure to take her out every 3 hours to maximise your rewards and have a chance to recieve her as a pet!


The Chocolate Theif Herakles has also arrived in Aven (X:320,Y:359).


Guard your chocolate closely as he might just steal some if you give him the chance. I also forbid everyone from giving Herakles any of your chocolate. Otherwise he becomes ravenous and over excited!


We will also be enabling the Daily Login Reward system during this event.


  1. Random Charm II Box
  2. Portal Stone * 10
  3. World Call * 10
  4. 200 Honor Star Chest
  5. 30 Eternal Coins
  6. Gathering Tool Lucky Bag
  7. Safety Stone Random Box
  8. Random Charm II Box
  9. Portal Stone * 10
  10. World Call * 10
  11. 200 Honor Star Chest
  12. 30 Eternal Coins
  13. Gathering Tool Lucky Bag
  14. Safety Stone Random Box * 2
  15. Double Down Random Charm II Box
  16. Portal Stone * 20
  17. World Call * 10
  18. 50 Eternal Coin
  19. Safety Stone Random Box * 3
  20. Gathering Tool Lucky Bag * 2
  21. Iris Jewel

Bonus Item 1: Anniversary Cookie (Prime) (7-Day)
Bonus Item 2: Anniversary Cake Hat (Prime) (7-Day)
Bonus Item 3: Auric Jewel

The event will be running from April 29th 2021 till May 20th 2021.



Mystery Boxes

We have five new Mystery Boxes on sale from April 29th 2021 till May 20th 2021.

To celebrate our first year anniversary we will be having a Limited Item Sale where you can purchase any of the new Mystery Boxes for just under 50% off. Check out the Limited Item category in the Item Mall for more information.

Ghostblade Ren Mystery Box & Koharu Mystery Box


Demir Mystery Box & Wicked Shadow: Midnight Lion Mystery Box


Plasma Blade Mystery Box




Diamond Altar

To celebrate the anniversary we are also bringing back the Diamond Altar for the next 2 weeks!

Due to player suggestion and asking in game we will also be implementing Star Stones and Luna Rocks to the game and they will be released via the Diamond Altar. Each Diamond Altar rotation will have a different set of Star Stones and Luna Rocks so make sure to collect all the designs and colours you want while they're available!

We will also be removing the Safety Stone boxes from the Diamond Altar and replacing it with the corresponding Halycon Safety Stone. For Example the Coral Lucky Box has been replaced with a Coral Halcyon Stone. Additionally we've increased the amount of Coral Lucky Safety Stones and Ultramarine Safety Stones from two to three.

Here is the first rotation!




Crystal Altar Updates

We have moved to a more static approach to the Altar to remove some of the uncertainty and chaotic approach that we have currently (Well before our dev machines went down).

We will be including a permenant rotation of Safety Stones that will not change (So every altar will have every stone and unless a special altar is released this will not change unless stated otherwise).

Here is a diagram of how the altar will look.



S1 = Special Items Tier 1 (Eternal Coins, Heartflames, Reroll Scrolls, etc.).
S2 = Special Items Tier 2 (Chisel's, Reset Scrolls, etc.).
P = Prime Costumes and Pets.
M = Prime Mount.
A = Alpha Costumes and Pets.
T = Gathering Tools.
R = Rotating White Items (World Call, Portal Stone, Locus Life Leaf, etc.).
C = Charms.
G = Guild Town White Items (Gathering Aid, Instant Gathering Scroll).
B = Rotating Heroic Trait Transformation Tome, Memory Tome, Makeover kit.
D = Dyes.




We have added Safety Stone (NT), Eden Crystal (NT) and Eternal Coin's to the level 70 Trials as Class Drops.

  • Note: This includes only Basel Border, Sturmfrau, Skleros Ice Abyss and Federal Armory.
  • Note: We will likely be removing these once the 75 Trials are released and put them in their instead. This has not yet been decided.


We have increased the amount of Honor Stars given in arena whether you win or lose.

  • Winning in 10v10 now grants 36 Honor Stars instead of 18.
  • Losing in 10v10 now grants 12 Honor Stars instead of 6.
  • Winning in 3v3 now grants 9 Honor Stars instead of 3.
  • Losing in 3v3 now grants 4 Honor Stars instead of 1.


Completing the 3v3 Daily Quest Battle Eternal will now give you an extra 50 Honor Stars.


Guild Town crafting will now give 5x Building EXP on the following:

  • All level 20 Orange Rings and Necklaces.
  • All level 23 Orange Armors.
  • All level 20 Potions.
  • All level 20 Farm, Mining and Summoning Blueprints.



Text Updates

  • Fixed the text on the Dragon Knight skill Hidden Drake Mode.
  • Fixed the name of Basic Enchant: Swift Song.
  • Fixed the description of Pike Blueprint Connoisseur.
  • Fixed the description of Mysterious Bubble Lollipop.



Hope you all enjoy what we've done here!

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