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We are bringing some changes to the Guild vs Guild mode that have been suggested. Before we get into that I just want to direct you to this thread that will bring into discussion the 75 Level Cap so that we can get an understand on when you guys would like to see us release it.


Guild vs Guild

After reading some suggestions and discussing with some of the players I have made a lot of changes to the Guild vs Guild mode. I will emphasize that these changes can be easily reversed if they do not hit the mark but based on the suggestion thread and the responses I would hope this covers what people wanted.

The player limit is now 30 for each team instead of 50. However, this can also be changed if necessary.



Map Changes

We have updated the map to match our Guild Arena map in the Awaken Server but with some adjustment's. We feel like this is a much smaller map but still has the balance of a Guild vs Guild map.



Map Stratergy

  • Crystals at the left and right side of the map are the same as a Guild vs Guild Crystal.
  • The Crystal at the center of the map is the same as a Territory War Crystal.
  • NPC's can be spawned to directly target each crystal on the map.
  • NPC's will passively spawn to each crystal on the map.
  • Suicide Squad and Attraction Squad work as usual.



GUI Updates

We've done some minor improvements to the quality of the Guild vs Guild timer UI. These changes don't really impact the game much but we felt like it was the best time to do a change such as this.
Note: For any Awaken server players who may be reading this post I will be porting the GUI Updates over at some point in the near future. Due to some extra work required to apply it to Guild Arena means we cannot just throw it in with the Classic version.


Schedule Changes

We have made some changes to the Schedule on Saturday and Sunday to improve the time for the European players. We have shuffled a few of the PvP events to be earlier so that Guild vs Guild could be made earlier. The first Guild vs Guild round will be 1 hour earlier while the second Guild vs Guild round will be 2 hours earlier.




Hello Kitty Returns!

We will be re-releasing all Hello Kitty Mystery Boxes once again!


Daily Login Rewards

A Hello Kitty themed Daily Login Reward will be available until June 24th 2021.



Box Release Schedule

All boxes can be purchased from the in-game Item Mall located in the Fashion section.

June 3rd 2021 ~ June 24th 2021

  • Hello Kitty: Sporty Ride Mystery Box
    • Hello Kitty Sports Car
  • Hello Kitty: Royal Ride Mystery Box
    • Hello Kitty Apple Carriage
  • Hello Kitty: Sweetheart Shield Mystery Box
    • Hello Kitty: Sweetheart Shield
  • Hello Kitty: Golden Shield Mystery Box
    • Hello Kitty: Golden Shield
  • Hello Kitty: Team Banner Mystery Box
    • Hello Kitty: Blue Banner
    • Hello Kitty: Pink Banner
    • hello Kitty: Yellow Banner

June 3rd 2021 ~  June 10th 2021

  • Hello Kitty: Comfy Headwear Mystery Box
    • Hello Kitty: Cosy Cap
    • Hello Kitty: Ushanka
  • Hello Kitty: English Mystery Box
    • Hello Kitty: English Suit
    • Hello Kitty: English Dress
  • Hello Kitty: Sportswear Mystery Box
    • Hello Kitty: Tennis Team Uniform
    • Hello Kitty: Swim Team Uniform
  • Hello Kitty: Kiki & Lala's Mystery Box
    • Hello Kitty: Kiki & Lala Suit
    • Hello Kitty: Kiki & Lala Dress

June 10th 2021 ~ June 17th 2021

  • Hello Kitty: Wedding Headwear Mystery Box
    • Hello Kitty: Male Veil
    • Hello Kitty: Female Veil
  • Hello Kitty: Melody's Royal Mystery Box
    • Hello Kitty: Pink Melody Duke Suit
    • Hello Kitty: Pink Melody Duchess Dress
  • Hello Kitty: Melody's Fancy Mystery Box
    • Hello Kitty: Melody Tailcoat
    • Hello Kitty: Melody Maid
  • Hello Kitty: Kiki & Lala's Literary Mystery Box
    • Hello Kitty: Kiki & Lala Literary Suit
    • Hello Kitty: Kiki & Lala Literary Dress
  • Hello Kitty: Wedding Attire Mystery Box
    • Hello Kitty: Wedding Tux
    • Hello Kitty: Wedding Dress

June 17th 2021 ~ June 24th 2021

  • Hello Kitty: Service Head Gear Mystery Box
    • Hello Kitty: Military Cap
    • Hello Kitty: Eyepatch
  • Hello Kitty: Kimono Mystery Box
    • Hello Kitty: Kimono
    • Hello Kitty: Sakura Kimono
  • Hello Kitty: Enchanter Mystery Box
    • Hello Kitty: Enchanter
    • Hello Kitty: Enchantress
  • Hello Kitty: Kiki & Lala's Stylish Mystery Box
    • Hello Kitty: Kiki & Lala Pop Star Ensemble
    • Hello Kitty: Kiki & Lala Summer Dress


I hope you enjoy the changes!

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