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New certificates/ Combination certifcates

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It could be an option considered to diversify a little the certificates used.
We could increase the level of certificates up to level 120 instead of 60 or else make certificates on awake classes.
I don't think that certificates which give more stat would be interesting because we already have too many but the combinations of certificates on the normal classes are very interesting on some normal class so why not do the same thing on the awake class?
Or we could simply make the basic certificate combination work for awake classes as well.

Example: Warrior: Rapier Attack + Taunt = Bloody attack's DMG + 12%
Beserk: Rapier Attack + Taunt = Frenetic Strike DMG + 12%

Warrior: Iron Armor + Sacred Heart = Titan Wall duration + 8 seconds
Shielder: Iron Armor + Sacred Hear = Encouraging Roar +8 seconds

We could also see to make 2/3 certificates per awakened class which have various effects such as increasing the damage of a spell, the CD of a spell or the duration of a spell or even improving a buff and if we put 2 certificates of the class together we would have a specific bonus for this class.

Example certificate for the holy blade:
Magic spell damage + x%
Physical spell damage + x%

If you have both on you spell damage + x%

It is just ideas like that there is a lot of possibility.

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