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Patch v27


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Level 75 Content


Today we are starting our rollout of the level 75 content.

We will be starting our rollout as usual with the world maps being added into the game with their questlines along with the 2 battle maps (Vingot Lab and Devastation Dimension).

As like the previous patches we have updated all the level 75 equipment's translation's to be worded to my format and additionally fixing any typo's along the way.
Note: We fixed a bug with the Stalwart Stength and Star Frost Armor Sets in which it had an extra Triple Hit effect attached to its 3 piece combination.

We have also updated the translation of all the level 72 Skills that are made available with this content to match my formatting and fixing any typo's and error's made by Aeria. Additionally we updated the translations for the Vingot Lab and Devastation Dimension bosses as I've never saw something so incorrect in my entire time working on this game.

We also updated the Roger Boxes to include the latest Partial Enchant Chest's and updated the Wonder Pocket to include several level 70-75 items (Partial Enchant Chests, Armor Chests, Treasure Maps and Map Fame Items).

Additional to the above information we have increased the Character level and Class level cap to 75. We also increased the Guild level cap to 9 and the Fame cap to 36,000.


We hope you enjoy killing this guy!



The Chaos Knight Arrives!


In addition to the level 75 content we are also releasing the much anticipated Luminary class! This class is definitely a top tier DPS class and if played right is the strongest Magic DPS in the game.

As with Sage and Dragon Knight we have completely re-wrote all the skills and buffs for this class to make sure you recieve all the information you need about what each skill does. We have also touched up any translation's regarding Class Talent's, Passives and Certificates to make sure any and all information is correct. I would like to reassure players than nothing has been altered on this class.




We will be having a Diamond Altar this week with both rotations containing new and unreleased items. We have also increased the rates of landing on Diamonds and also adjusted the Diamond Altar's rates to be better.

Angel Rapier Recolours!


Frostscale Bow Recolours!

Diamond Altar will only be up for this week.


We will also be adding some new Mystery Boxes to the Cash Shop containing some previously added but unreleased mounts!

Bunny Boxes


Bike Boxes


These boxes will be available until July 8th 2021.


We have also updated the Daily Login Rewards to give some leveling up boosts and some free stones.

Will only be available for this week.



Ranking Updates

We have updated the EE MVP Award and Player of the Month boxes to contain level 75 Heartflames due to the level cap increase.

Due to a lot of queue boosting from most players we will be reducing the amount of rewards given on both our 3v3 mode and 10v10 mode. We will also be locking down the rewards to be NT so that alternate characters cannot trade all their winnings to their main character.

I know this wont completely stop boosting but unless we just remove rewards all together or start banning people or handing out large defectors the boosting will continue.

Due to Monster Battle Arena only being used for boosting class medals purposes or ranking abuse we have decided to remove all rankings from this mode until legitimate activity returns to this mode.

We have removed all ranking rewards from level 60-69 3v3 and 10v10 arena due to the only players queuing this for free ranking rewards.




  • Updated the Class Medal Drop System
    • Removed Class Drops from Basel Border.
    • Added Class Drops to Uncharted Cave, Rose Temple and Vilespire Temple.
  • Reduced the M-ATK on the Watermelon Slicesword and the Fantasy Popsicle Stick.
    • Note: This will be reverted if/when level 80 cap is released.
  • We've reduced the craft time of the following items from 5 seconds to 2 seconds.
    • Strength Potion Lv1
    • Agility Potion Lv1
    • Intelligence Potion Lv1
    • Wisdom Potion Lv1
    • Luck Potion Lv1
    • Energy Explosion Potion Lv1
    • Mana Explosion Potion Lv1
    • Complete Support Potion Lv1
    • Quick Recovery Potion Lv1
  • Added Level 75 Materials to the Loyalty Shop.
  • Updated the prices of some of the Materials in the Loyalty Shop:

Farming Materials

  • Dream Cotton 2EP -> 1EP
  • Star Cotton 2EP -> 1EP
  • Red Silk Cotton 2EP -> 1EP
  • Purple Soul Flower 3EP -> 2EP
  • Amapola Flower 3EP -> 2EP
  • Bell Orchid 3EP -> 2EP
  • Earth Fruit 3EP -> 2EP
  • Aether Fruit 3EP -> 2EP
  • Polar Fruit 3EP -> 2EP
  • Dragon Blood Vine 3EP -> 2EP
  • Galaxy Vine 3EP -> 2EP
  • Purple Vine 3EP -> 2EP
  • Divine Tree Root 250EP -> 200EP
  • Halu Root 300EP -> 250EP
  • Kaia seed 350EP -> 300EP

Mining Materials

  • Meteoric Alloy 2EP -> 1EP
  • Volcanic Alloy 2EP -> 1EP
  • Meese Alloy 2EP -> 1EP
  • Rose Diamond 3EP -> 2EP
  • Sunlight Diamond 3EP -> 2EP
  • Eternal Diamond 3EP -> 2EP
  • Shining Diamond 3EP -> 2EP
  • Rainbow Crystal 3EP -> 2EP
  • Demon Crystal 3EP -> 2EP
  • Hot Sand Crystal 3EP -> 2EP
  • Hell Coral 3EP -> 2EP
  • Pearl Fish Tears 3EP -> 2EP
  • Crystal Skeleton 3EP -> 2EP
  • Luminous Soul Sand 250EP -> 200EP
  • Wheel Dance Rock 300EP -> 250EP
  • Devil Soul Jade 350EP -> 300EP

Summoning Materials

  • Chaos Fur 2EP -> 1EP
  • Devil Fur 2EP -> 1EP
  • Flame Soul Skin 2EP -> 1EP
  • Justice Spell 3EP -> 2EP
  • Graveshead Spell 3EP -> 2EP
  • Imprison Spell 3EP -> 2EP
  • Sacrificial Spirit 3EP -> 2EP
  • Avenging Spirit 3EP -> 2EP
  • Final Fight Soul 3EP -> 2EP
  • World Particle 250EP -> 200EP
  • Devour Element 300EP -> 250EP
  • Chaos Element 350EP -> 300EP



Text Updates

  • Updated several translation errors:

*Courtesy of Herakles

Achievement Updates

  • Fixed achievement name and description Magic Scroll: Hand Enchant - Tree Soul Lv1.
  • Fixed achievement name and description Magic Scroll: Hand Enchant - Tree Soul Lv2.
  • Fixed achievement name and description Magic Scroll: Hand Enchant - Tree Soul Lv3.
  • Fixed achievement name and description Magic Scroll: Hand Enchant - Tree Soul Lv4.
  • Fixed achievement description Nature's Bounty: Kaia Seed.
  • Fixed achievement description Magic Scroll: Enchant - Swift Song Lv1.
  • Fixed achievement name Elemental Gem: Bloody Red Gem Lv1.
  • Fixed achievement name and description I Like the Way You Move.
  • Fixed achievement description Protective Wall: Royal Knight Shield.

**Additionally fixed some unreleased achievements for future updates.**


Item Updates

  • Fixed materials listed for Blueprint: Miracle Brigandine.
  • Fixed materials listed for Blueprint: Sacred Battle Peak.
  • Fixed materials listed for Blueprint: Heaven's Warrior.
  • Fixed materials listed for Blueprint: Profound Scarlet Snow.
  • Fixed materials listed for Artisan Blueprint: Heaven's Warrior.
  • Fixed materials listed for Artisan Blueprint: Profound Scarlet Snow.
  • Fixed name Blueprint: Whiz Necklace.

**Additionally fixed some unreleased blueprints for future updates.**


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