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[Ended] Dragon Slaying Event

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With the release of the new 25 player raid, Stormy Ridge, I've created a small competition/event for all level 95+ players to take part in. Lets see who has what it takes!



Completing the event is rather simple. The first party to complete the raid will receive the exclusive title, "Dragon Slayer", which will never be released again!

Note: This title gives the same effect as the title "Temple Knight" so you will not receive any bonus except your title being unique and exclusive to you and your party members.



  1. You will only receive the title item once. If you discard the title item or lose it then you will not receive another.
  2. The title is account bound and can only be used once. Choose the character you want to redeem the title on wisely. As stated above, you will not receive another if you redeem it on the wrong character.
  3. The boss will announce on the World chat when it has been defeated, so I will know which party defeated the boss first.
  4. Once completed someone in the party must screenshot the party list and reply to this thread with it.



  •  Exclusive title to all party members "Dragon Slayer".

Winners have been sent their prizes.


Good luck everyone, I'll see you at Stormy Ridge!



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