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Patch v31


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Vendetta Starter Armor

You will recieve a quest upon hitting level 30 that will give you a Custom Vendetta Starter Armor that will level up with your character every 5 levels until level 70.

The stats of the armor will be equivalent to a gold armor set of the same level.

The armor cannot be fortified or gemmed but will grant Resistances, Movement Speed, EXP and Class EXP for the 5 piece set bonus.


Path of Destiny

We have enable the Path of Destiny to Eden Eternal Classic!

We have updated all the icon's to match our custom icon's from the Awaken Server and updated the text on several of the buffs and spaces to improve clarity.

We have increased the gold obtained from Money - Monster Invasion, Money - Runaway Monster Rampage and Money - Accidental Discovery +10%.

We have adjusted the rates for the Eternal Coins and Alpaca Golden Token's.

We have lowered the Honor Stars gained from 50 to 35.


Eden Gem Altar

We have also enabled the Eden Gem Altar to Eden Eternal Classic!

The Eden Gem Altar will only update once a month and only the costumes and mounts will be updated.
Note: Since we plan to update it with Ranking Reset, we will NOT be updating it next week.



  • Added Fortified Stats Reset Scroll to the Loyalty Shop for 80 Eternal Coin's.
  • Increased the rates of Class Drop's in the 70 Trials & 75 Trials.
  • Added Destroyer Demon Sword to all last bosses in 75 Trials.
  • Added Blueprint: Destroyer Demon Sword to all first bosses in 75 Trials.
  • Added Glimmering Fairy Wings & Resplendent Fairy Wings to the Archive.
  • Added Azusa's Fans & Sakura's Fans to the Archive.


Happy Stable Server Day!

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